Celtics Sweep Back-to-Back Games Against Cavaliers: 10 Takeaways

The Boston Celtics are on fire, securing a convincing victory against the Cavaliers in their mini two-game series. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this impressive performance.

A Stellar Start to the Season

The Celtics mirror last year’s hot start but exhibit more cohesion and experience. Despite a stumble in the in-season tournament, they boast a three-game winning streak, holding the NBA’s second-best net rating and a significant lead in the Eastern Conference standings at 18-5.

Jayson Tatum’s Fourth-Quarter Heroics

Tatum’s explosive performance in the final quarter, scoring 12 crucial points and grabbing 11 rebounds, showcased his ability to seize the moment. His aggressive approach sealed the game, highlighting his pivotal role in the team’s success.

Home Dominance Continues

The Celtics maintain an impressive 12-0 record at TD Garden, their best start since the 2007-08 season. Despite debates about the significance of home-court advantage, the team aims to recapture the electric atmosphere of previous years.

Jaylen Brown’s Post Game Prowess

Brown’s 22-point contribution, including tough turnaround jumpers, emphasizes the Celtics’ dominance in the post. The analytics now favor post play, with Tatum, Porzingis, and Brown excelling in scoring efficiency.

Brown’s Facilitation Skills

Contrary to arguments against the importance of assists, Brown records five, showcasing his growing playmaking role. This adds a dynamic element to the Celtics’ offense, creating opportunities for teammates.

Lamar Stevens’ Impact off the Bench

Stevens steps up in Kornet’s absence, demonstrating versatility by guarding Jarrett Allen and contributing offensively. His ability to cover multiple positions solidifies his role, providing a different dimension to the game.

Sam Hauser’s Three-Point Prowess

Hauser’s consistent three-point shooting, finishing 3-for-3 in the game, contributes to the Celtics’ offensive firepower. Despite perceptions, his shooting percentage remains impressive, underlining his value to the team.

Defensive Excellence

Tatum’s three blocks and Brown’s two steals showcase the Celtics’ defensive prowess. Their commitment to a switch-heavy defensive strategy contributes to the team’s status as the NBA’s fourth-best defensive unit.

Jrue Holiday’s Relatable Response

Holiday’s humorous response regarding Giannis Antetokounmpo’s postgame antics adds a lighthearted touch. It highlights the human side of players amidst the competitive NBA environment.

Next Challenge: Facing the Magic

The Celtics prepare for a challenging matchup against the Magic, who boast an impressive 16-7 record. Tatum acknowledges the development of Magic forward Paolo Banchero, setting the stage for an intense battle.


As the Celtics continue their winning streak, their collective effort, individual brilliance, and strategic adaptations make them a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. The upcoming clash against the Magic promises an exciting spectacle for basketball enthusiasts.

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