Jose Altuve HR puts Astros on brink of another World Series

The Houston Astros are once again knocking on the door of the World Series, and this time, it’s all thanks to the incredible prowess of their star player, Jose Altuve. In a thrilling game filled with dramatic twists and turns, Altuve’s heroics led the Astros to a stunning victory, bringing them within reach of yet another World Series appearance.

A Rollercoaster of a Game

The showdown between the Astros and the Texas Rangers was nothing short of sensational. After losing the first two games of the American League Championship Series, Houston found themselves in a must-win situation. The game that followed was nothing short of extraordinary.

In the last three innings, spectators witnessed two lead-changing home runs, three ejections (including Houston manager Dusty Baker), a brief standoff as Baker refused to leave the Astros dugout, and a breathtaking leaping catch in the bottom of the ninth inning by a fielder making his first-ever appearance on defense in a postseason game. It was a contest for the ages, leaving players and fans alike in awe of the spectacle.

Altuve’s Heroics

As the game reached its climax, it seemed the Rangers had the upper hand, having come back against a future Hall of Famer. The Astros had taken a 2-1 lead in the top of the sixth inning, with ace Justin Verlander on the mound and their best relievers ready to seal the deal. However, this lead quickly dissipated in the span of just three pitches.

Corey Seager doubled, Evan Carter singled, and Adolis Garcia delivered a monumental blow with a three-run homer, putting the Rangers ahead. Verlander, stunned by the turn of events, could only watch in disbelief. This dramatic shift in momentum set the stage for an unforgettable game.

A Game Full of Drama

The drama continued in the eighth inning when Garcia came to the plate once again. After a Carter walk, Bryan Abreu hit Garcia with a pitch, and Garcia immediately confronted catcher Martin Maldonado. This confrontation triggered a bench-clearing incident, with both teams rushing onto the field.

The umpires made a decisive move and ejected Garcia and Abreu from the game. When Baker heard the news, he threw his hat in disbelief and, in turn, was also ejected. Baker briefly refused to leave the Houston bench, creating a further delay in an already tumultuous game.

The Wait for Action

This lengthy delay in the game weighed heavily on both teams. Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy expressed his frustration, saying it was taking too long to get the game back on track. The Astros’ pitcher, Jose Leclerc, who had entered the game in the top of the eighth inning, had to wait patiently through the chaos.

Altuve’s Winning Moment

Despite the chaos and delays, the game ultimately came down to one defining moment. As Diaz and Singleton prepared to hit in the top of the ninth inning, Altuve, the Astros’ star, grabbed an iPad to review his previous plate appearances against Leclerc. He needed no further preparation.

Diaz singled, and Singleton, who had not batted in nearly three weeks, displayed remarkable patience at the plate, eventually drawing a walk. Altuve, watching these composed plate appearances, credited the bench players for helping to calm him.

With an 0-1 count, Leclerc threw Altuve a changeup that was low and inside. Altuve swung, and the ball sailed over the left field fence. The Astros dugout erupted in celebration as Altuve rounded the bases, securing a critical victory.

Altuve’s Remarkable Postseason Performance

Jose Altuve’s incredible performance throughout this postseason cannot be overstated. With 26 postseason home runs to his name, he is now second on the all-time list, trailing only Manny Ramirez. Altuve’s clutch performances in big moments have earned him a reputation as one of the most extraordinary postseason players in the history of the game.


The Houston Astros’ victory in this dramatic game has brought them one step closer to their fifth World Series appearance in the last seven seasons. With Jose Altuve leading the charge, they stand on the brink of yet another championship. This game will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most memorable in the world of baseball, a testament to the incredible talent and determination of these athletes. As the Astros advance, the world eagerly awaits their quest for another World Series title.

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