‘Skanda’ Movie Review: Boyapati Sreenu and Ram Pothineni’s Mass Outing is a Test of Endurance

‘Skanda – the attacker,’ starring Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, and Saiee Manjrekar, sticks to this formula but takes it to an extreme that might test the endurance of even the most dedicated fans.

The Clash of Titans

The film kicks off with a bang, as the son of the Telangana chief minister elopes with the daughter of the Andhra Pradesh chief minister, turning erstwhile friends into bitter foes. The two CMs exchange fiery dialogues, with one challenging the other’s ability to cross state toll gates. If you’re wondering which CM will come out on top, a character named Seema Bidda enters the scene, aligning with the Rayalaseema soil and bringing both CMs to their knees. Another character ominously warns that anything or anyone standing in their way will be turned into pickles and bottled up—quite the threat, indeed.

A Familiar Boyapati Sreenu Extravaganza

‘Skanda – the attacker’ follows the classic Boyapati Sreenu playbook. It’s packed with massy action sequences, complete with slow-motion shots where heads roll, limbs are severed, and people are hoisted up on spears or daggers. The dialogues, filled with rhymes and exaggerated bravado, are ripe for meme material. The music, courtesy of S. Thaman, is consistently loud, as if an extra dose of drums was deemed necessary. However, the leading women in the film are sadly underutilized, a recurring theme in Boyapati’s films.

Ram Pothineni’s Hypermasculine Avatar

Ram Pothineni takes on the role of the hypermasculine savior, pitted against the caricaturish chief ministers. The film showers him with slow-motion shots, with one character comparing his speed to that of a tiger. It’s almost comical how many slow-motion shots he receives before a single line of dialogue is spoken. Ram’s character also exhibits a rather crude attitude towards his college classmate, played by Sreeleela, dubbing her as ‘average.’ He even justifies this by claiming that marrying an ‘average’ woman would make him appear more handsome and draw attention. However, there’s a surprising twist in his character arc when we discover that he was a Stanford University topper skilled in ethical hacking. Despite his capabilities, he now uses his skills for hacking people, all in the name of family and friendship.

A Lengthy Saga of Revenge

‘Skanda – the attacker’ unfolds as a lengthy saga of revenge and retribution, spanning a whopping 167 minutes. It’s packed with slow-motion shots, rhyming dialogues, and even throws in international film and literary references for good measure. References to Tarzan, ‘The Matrix,’ and Shakespeare’s ‘To be or not to be’ add an element of novelty to an otherwise predictable storyline. However, the film’s treatment of female characters is disappointing, relegating them to mere props who either weep or shower their sons with love.

A Bloated Spectacle

In essence, ‘Skanda’ offers little innovation in storytelling, character development, music, or action choreography. It relentlessly celebrates the high-decibel mass fest, making noise-canceling earphones a handy accessory for the audience. As the film hints at a part two, it feels more like a threat than a promise of something exciting.

In conclusion, ‘Skanda – the attacker’ is a film that caters to Boyapati Sreenu’s loyal fanbase. It delivers what is expected—over-the-top action, bombastic dialogues, and a hero who can do no wrong. However, for those seeking depth, nuance, or a fresh cinematic experience, it falls short. It’s a test of endurance, not for the faint-hearted, and leaves you wondering if the impending sequel will be more of the same or offer something new and exciting.


1. Is ‘Skanda – the attacker’ a Telugu movie?

Yes, ‘Skanda – the attacker’ is a Telugu movie directed by Boyapati Sreenu.

2. Who are the main cast members of the film?

The main cast includes Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, and Saiee Manjrekar.

3. What is the storyline of ‘Skanda – the attacker’?

The film revolves around a hero’s quest to undo an injustice done to his father’s friend, even if it means taking on two powerful chief ministers.

4. Does ‘Skanda’ offer anything unique in terms of storytelling?

Unfortunately, ‘Skanda’ doesn’t offer much innovation in storytelling. It follows a formulaic approach typical of director Boyapati Sreenu’s films.

5. Are there any plans for a sequel to ‘Skanda – the attacker’?

Yes, towards the end of the film, it is hinted that there will be a part two, although some viewers may interpret this as more of a threat than a promise of excitement.

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