DramaWatch: Liberace and Liza’s Holiday Sparkler – A Musical Extravaganza

As December unfolds, so does the magic of sparkle. Amidst colored lights and festive sweaters, the winter holidays bring forth a visual spectacle to counter the gloominess of the season. Yet, none can rival the brilliance of David Saffert’s portrayal in “Liberace & Liza Holiday at the Mansion (A Tribute),” where the stage is set for a dazzling celebration.

The Entrancing Entrance

Stepping onto the stage, David Saffert, the embodiment of Liberace, captures the audience’s attention. Dressed in bright gold shoes, red plaid pants adorned with gold glitter, and an apron featuring piano keys and stars, Saffert radiates the charm of Władziu Valentino Liberace himself. The extravagant ensemble, seemingly over-the-top in any other circumstance, perfectly befits the larger-than-life persona of the iconic entertainer.

A Peek into Liberace’s World

Transporting the audience into the Moroccan Room of Liberace’s mansion overlooking the Las Vegas strip, Saffert engages in playful banter. Describing it as his favorite room in any of his mansions, he shares anecdotes about multiple mansions and interior-decoration budgets, adding a touch of humor with, “Isn’t it wonderful what you can do with money?”

Musical Magic and Culinary Charms

The sparkle doesn’t stop with banter. Seated at a baby grand piano adorned with a candelabra, Saffert treats the audience to a delightful rendition of “Sleigh Ride.” The evening unfolds with the arrival of the triple-threat star Liza Minnelli, played by Jillian Snow, and the stage comes alive with more songs, witty banter, and infectious fun.

Liberace, not just a pianist but a culinary artist, dons an apron and oven mitts, occasionally ducking into the kitchen to check on the lasagna he’s preparing for the audience. The immersive experience blurs the lines between performance and reality, creating a unique and memorable show.

A Tribute Beyond Impersonation

Directed by Chip Miller, “Holiday at the Mansion” has captivated Portland audiences with its delightful blend of musical skill, comic brilliance, and sincere affection. Jillian Snow and David Saffert, portraying Liza and Liberace, strike a perfect balance, elevating their performances from mere impersonation to a heartfelt tribute.

Evergreen Entertainment

Despite its closure looming, “Holiday at the Mansion” promises to be a perennial favorite. The chemistry between Snow and Saffert, coupled with the musical direction of Bo Ayars, ensures a professional yet playful atmosphere. The duo’s characters, warm pals and egocentric rivals, exude endless charm and humor, making the show a delightful repeat experience.

The Unlikely Entertainers

The origins of this captivating tribute act are as unique as the performers themselves. Saffert, hailing from Wisconsin, discovered his love for classical music later in life. Snow, a shy kid from Salem, Oregon, found inspiration in Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli, eventually taking the stage to impersonate them.

Their paths converged, leading to the birth of the Liberace and Liza show, evolving over a decade from a broader impersonation act to a focused and successful holiday show.

From Lounges to Center Stage

From humble beginnings in lounges with piano and candelabra, the act has evolved. With performances in Wisconsin, San Francisco, and a significant stint at Feinstein’s at the Nikko in New York, the duo’s national profile soared. The current show at Portland Center Stage marks a new level of ambition with a striking stage set, designed by Saffert’s husband, Tyler Buswell.


In conclusion, “Liberace & Liza Holiday at the Mansion” is not just a show; it’s a spectacular journey into the glittering world of two iconic entertainers. The charisma, musical prowess, and culinary theatrics make it an unforgettable experience. As the curtain falls on this holiday extravaganza, one can’t help but hope for an encore, ensuring this sparkling tribute continues to captivate audiences for years to come.


Q1: What is “Liberace & Liza Holiday at the Mansion”?

“Liberace & Liza Holiday at the Mansion” is a musical tribute show that brings to life the iconic entertainers Liberace and Liza Minnelli. Directed by Chip Miller and starring David Saffert as Liberace and Jillian Snow as Liza, the show combines musical skill, comic brilliance, and sincere affection to create an immersive and entertaining experience.

Q2: Where is the show performed?

The show has been performed at the Ellyn Bye Studio at The Armory in Portland Center Stage. It has also seen successful runs in Wisconsin, San Francisco, and New York, notably at Feinstein’s at the Nikko.

Q3: How long is the show?

While the specific duration may vary, “Holiday at the Mansion” has been known to run for several weeks during its Portland Center Stage performances. Check with the venue for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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