Remembering David Soul: ‘Starsky and Hutch’ Star and Sioux Falls Native Passes Away at 80

In a poignant moment for television enthusiasts and residents of Sioux Falls alike, David Soul, best known for his iconic role as Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson in ABC’s “Starsky and Hutch,” has passed away at the age of 80. While he rose to stardom as a TV cop in the 1970s, Soul’s roots trace back to Sioux Falls, where he grew up and began his journey into the world of entertainment.

Early Life in Sioux Falls

Born as David Richard Solberg on August 28, 1943, in Chicago, Soul’s family moved to Sioux Falls in 1945. His father, Richard Solberg, was a renowned Lutheran scholar, teacher, and pastor, employed at Augustana College. Growing up in the Midwest, David Soul became immersed in school and church activities, showcasing early talent in music, acting, and sports.

A Pastor’s Kid and an Emerging Talent

As a pastor’s kid, Soul’s upbringing was shaped by a blend of academics, spirituality, and artistic expression. His early forays into acting were noticed by Earl Mundt, the theater director at Augustana College. Even in the fourth grade, Soul’s performance as a leprechaun earned him praise in the local newspaper, foreshadowing the promising artistic journey that lay ahead.

Crafting His Craft in the Midwest

David Soul’s formative years were marked by schooling in Minnesota and performances in North Dakota, laying the foundation for a multifaceted career. It was in the Midwest that he honed his skills, becoming not only a recognizable face in the entertainment industry but also a cowboy singer in the renowned Medora Musical.

The Legacy of ‘Starsky and Hutch’

While Soul achieved widespread fame for his portrayal of Hutch in “Starsky and Hutch” from 1975 to 1979, his journey started in the heartland of America. The show, known for its dynamic duo of detectives, became a cultural phenomenon, and Soul’s contribution to its success was undeniable.

A Fond Farewell

David Soul’s wife, Helen Snell, announced his passing from their home in London, describing him as a “beloved husband, father, grandfather, and brother.” She noted his valiant battle for life and acknowledged his diverse contributions as an actor, singer, storyteller, creative artist, and dear friend. His legacy lives on in the hearts of those touched by his smile, laughter, and passion for life.

As fans and the Sioux Falls community mourn the loss of one of their own, David Soul’s impact on the entertainment world and his Midwest roots will forever be remembered with reverence.

Conclusion: A Sioux Falls Son’s Last Curtain Call

In the final act of his life’s performance, David Soul takes a bow, leaving behind a legacy that intertwines with the streets of Sioux Falls and resonates across television screens. As we bid farewell to the cowboy singer turned TV cop, we celebrate the journey of a pastor’s kid who ventured far from the Midwest but kept his roots close to heart. Rest in peace, David Soul, your story lives on in the tales of Sioux Falls and the memories of television aficionados worldwide.


Q1: What was David Soul’s real name?

A1: David Soul was born as David Richard Solberg.

Q2: Where did David Soul grow up?

A2: He grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Q3: What role did he play in “Starsky and Hutch”?

A3: David Soul portrayed Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson in the iconic TV series.

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