Exploring the Thrilling 2024 Rose Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan CFP Semifinal

The 2024 Rose Bowl treated football enthusiasts to an electrifying clash between No. 1 Michigan and No. 4 Alabama in a College Football Playoff (CFP) Semifinal. This showdown, resulting in Michigan’s 27-20 overtime victory, showcased top-notch plays and intense moments that will be remembered for years to come.

Overtime Drama

The overtime period unfolded with Michigan’s running back, Blake Corum, making a significant impact. Corum showcased his prowess with an eight-yard rush followed by a dazzling 17-yard touchdown run, securing a 27-20 lead for the Wolverines. Alabama needed a touchdown in response, but their efforts fell short on a crucial 4th-and-goal play, sealing Michigan’s triumph.

Fourth Quarter Highlights

The final quarter was rife with momentum swings. Jase McClellan’s three-yard touchdown run initially tilted the scales in Alabama’s favor, giving them a 17-13 lead. However, a pivotal fumble by Alabama’s Jalen Milroe, recovered by Michigan’s Josh Wallace, set the stage for a dramatic turnaround.

Alabama responded with a clutch 52-yard field goal by Will Reichard, extending their lead to 20-13. Michigan, undeterred, orchestrated a game-tying drive highlighted by J.J. McCarthy’s crucial passes. A touchdown pass from McCarthy to Roman Wilson brought the score level at 20-20, forcing the game into overtime.

Overtime Thrills

In a thrilling overtime sequence, Blake Corum’s touchdown provided Michigan with a lead. Alabama, needing a response, faced a decisive 4th-and-goal play. However, Michigan’s defense held strong, denying Alabama the chance to force a second overtime.

The 2024 Rose Bowl delivered a spectacular showcase of resilience, skill, and determination. Michigan’s triumph over Alabama propels them into the national championship game, marking a historic chapter in the Wolverines’ journey.

As fans eagerly await the championship matchup, the 2024 Rose Bowl will be etched in football lore as a semifinal clash for the ages, showcasing the heart-stopping moments that define the essence of college football.


1. What was the final score of the 2024 Rose Bowl between Michigan and Alabama?

The final score of the 2024 Rose Bowl was Michigan 27, Alabama 20 in overtime.

2. Who emerged as the key players in the game?

Blake Corum from Michigan played a pivotal role, scoring a crucial touchdown in overtime. Quarterbacks J.J. McCarthy and Jalen Milroe showcased their skills, contributing to the intense competition.

3. What significance does this victory hold for Michigan?

Michigan’s triumph in the 2024 Rose Bowl holds immense significance as it propels them into the national championship game, marking a historic moment in the Wolverines’ quest for a national title.

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