Dionne Warwick Unmasked as Weather on ITV’s The Masked Singer UK in First Vote-Off

In a surprising turn of events, legendary music icon Dionne Warwick was unmasked as Weather on the latest episode of ITV’s The Masked Singer UK, marking the first elimination of the season. The revelation left the panel and viewers in awe as Dionne shared her experience of participating in the series and the challenges of concealing her distinctive voice.

Star Under the Costume

Dionne Warwick, known for timeless hits like “Walk On By” and “I Say a Little Prayer,” left the panel starstruck as she unveiled herself as the concealed character, Weather. Despite the initial shock, the music icon expressed joy at being part of the series but acknowledged the difficulties she faced in attempting to disguise her unmistakable voice.

Unlucky Exit

Weather, alias Dionne Warwick, faced tough competition on Saturday night, landing in the bottom three alongside Maypole and Dippy Egg. Unfortunately, Weather was the first contestant to be eliminated in the latest series of The Masked Singer UK, leaving fans and the panel in anticipation of the upcoming performances.

Clues and Speculations

Leading up to the unmasking, Weather dropped several clues about her identity, including references to being powerful and dominating, weathering the storm, and a connection to Blues music. Viewers had already started speculating on social media, with many correctly guessing that Dionne Warwick was the hidden talent behind Weather.

Host’s Teasing Remarks

Host Joel Dommett had hinted at the exceptional talent featured on the show, emphasizing the impressive vocalists in this season’s lineup. He playfully teased the audience, stating, “I think we’ve definitely got some of the best vocalists we’ve ever had on the show,” leaving fans curious about the upcoming performances and potential surprises.

What’s Next

The Masked Singer UK continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of mystery and musical talent. The next episode promises more intriguing performances from characters like Air Fryer, Bubble Tea, Owl, Piranha, Eiffel Tower, and Chicken Caesar. As the competition unfolds, fans eagerly await more surprises and revelations in the unpredictable world of masked celebrities.


Dionne Warwick’s unmasking as Weather adds an extra layer of excitement to The Masked Singer UK’s latest season. The legendary singer’s participation has set the bar high for the caliber of talent showcased on the show. As the competition progresses, viewers can anticipate more thrilling performances and unexpected reveals, making each episode a must-watch for fans of music and mystery alike.


Q1: How did viewers react to Dionne Warwick being unmasked as Weather?

A1: Viewers and the panel were left in awe and surprise at Dionne Warwick’s unmasking as Weather. The revelation generated significant buzz and discussions on social media.

Q2: Were there any hints or clues leading to Dionne Warwick’s identity as Weather?

A2: Yes, Weather dropped clues about being powerful and dominating, weathering the storm, and having a connection to Blues music, leading many viewers to speculate correctly about Dionne Warwick.

Q3: Who were the other contestants in the bottom three alongside Weather?

A3: The other contestants in the bottom three alongside Weather were Maypole and Dippy Egg.

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