Golden State Warriors Trade Rumors: Exploring Andrew Wiggins’ Market

In a surprising turn of events, the Golden State Warriors are reportedly open to exploring the trade market for Andrew Wiggins, a shift from their previous stance. Initially uninterested in parting ways with the former All-Star due to his cost-effective contract signed in October, the Warriors are now considering trade possibilities, as reported by Tim Kawakami.

Wiggins’ Change in Fortunes

Less than two years ago, Wiggins stood as an All-Star starter and played a pivotal role in the Warriors’ 2022 title run. However, recent seasons have seen a decline in his performance. Wiggins missed a substantial portion of the last season due to undisclosed personal matters, and his lackluster start in the current campaign led to him being benched for Jonathan Kuminga.

Statistical Decline Raises Concerns

Through 27 games, Wiggins is posting career-low numbers with an average of 12.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, shooting 42.6% from the field, and 29.9% from beyond the arc. These figures mark a significant drop in scoring and 3-point shooting, raising questions about the value of his four-year, $109 million extension. Once considered a bargain, the contract may now seem excessive for a player occupying a role off the bench.

Kuminga’s Emergence and Duplicative Skillsets

Jonathan Kuminga’s impressive performances and a skillset resembling Wiggins add complexity to the Warriors’ roster dynamics. While the two players have struggled to play effectively together, Kuminga’s emergence as a promising talent presents a viable alternative. If Kuminga can offer comparable production at a lower cost, Wiggins might become expendable.

Warriors’ Decision-Making Factors

The Warriors’ decision to explore Wiggins’ trade market will likely be influenced by several factors. The team’s standing in the Western Conference, currently at 15-16 and 11th place, plays a crucial role. General manager Mike Dunleavy emphasized the need for evaluation, stating that the next 15-20 games would determine their direction. The team’s chemistry, lineups, and overall performance will be key in deciding Wiggins’ future with the franchise.

A Pivotal Time for the Warriors

As the trade deadline approaches on Feb. 8, the Warriors find themselves at a pivotal juncture. The evaluation period, particularly in the absence of Draymond Green, will dictate whether the team continues with the current roster or explores trade options. The Warriors aim to improve their record, currently hovering around .500, and secure a more competitive position in the Western Conference.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NBA, the Warriors’ willingness to consider trading Andrew Wiggins reflects a strategic approach to roster optimization and adapting to changing dynamics within the team.


Q1: Who is Andrew Wiggins?

A1: Andrew Wiggins is a professional basketball player currently playing for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He was a former All-Star and played a significant role in the Warriors’ 2022 title run.

Q2: Why are the Golden State Warriors considering trading Andrew Wiggins?

A2: The Warriors, who were initially uninterested in trading Wiggins due to his cost-effective contract, are now open to exploring his trade market. This shift is attributed to Wiggins’ recent performance decline and the emergence of young talent like Jonathan Kuminga.

Q3: What led to the decline in Andrew Wiggins’ performance?

A3: Wiggins faced challenges in the previous season, missing a substantial number of games due to undisclosed personal matters. His performance in the current season has been underwhelming, leading to him being benched for Jonathan Kuminga.

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