Jimmy Johnson’s Emotional Induction into the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor

In an emotional ceremony at AT&T Stadium, Jimmy Johnson, a football icon with a storied career, finally found his place in the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. The induction, which took place before the team’s game against the Detroit Lions, marked a significant moment for Johnson, who shared insights and reflections during a pregame press conference alongside Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones.

A Journey Marked by Achievements

Jimmy Johnson’s football journey has been marked by remarkable achievements. From winning a national championship as a player to securing two Super Bowls as a head coach, Johnson’s impact on the sport is indelible. He is also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, emphasizing the breadth of his influence.

“I don’t think anybody could ever imagine what this means to me,” expressed Johnson during the press conference. He highlighted the transformative period when he took over the Dallas Cowboys, transforming them from the worst team in the NFL into a dominant force that clinched Super Bowls and defined the ’90s.

A Special Bond with Jerry Jones

The ceremony not only celebrated Jimmy Johnson’s accomplishments but also underscored the special bond between him and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship over the years, the mutual respect and shared history were evident as they sat together on the stage, answering questions and reminiscing about their time together.

Jones emphasized that Johnson’s induction into the Ring of Honor was not about credit but doing the right thing. He stated, “That’s not a difficulty of credit; it’s just the right thing. He was always going into the Ring of Honor.”

The Long-Awaited Recognition

The induction comes 30 years after Johnson’s last coaching stint with the Cowboys, a period that left fans and football enthusiasts wondering why he had not been included in the Ring of Honor earlier. Speculation about the strained relationship between Johnson and Jones added to the mystery surrounding this delay.

While there have been moments of reflection and respect between the two, including Jones’ 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, the decision to include Johnson in the Ring of Honor remained elusive. Jerry Jones, often referring to himself as the “one-person committee” for Ring of Honor decisions, exercised his authority to make this long-awaited inclusion.

The Legacy of Transformation

The early years of Johnson’s tenure with the Cowboys were characterized by resilience and strategic moves. Overcoming a challenging 1-15 season, the franchise underwent a remarkable turnaround, propelled by the legendary Herschel Walker trade that set the stage for acquiring key players like Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson, and Russell Maryland.

Reflecting on their early years together, Johnson and Jones shared a daily dialogue, navigating the intricacies of building a winning team. The fruits of their labor materialized with back-to-back Super Bowl victories in the early ’90s, solidifying their legacy.

The Unresolved Split and Ongoing Legacy

The end of Johnson’s coaching era with the Cowboys was marked by a split, with debates lingering over whether he quit or was fired. Despite the success they achieved, egos and differences led to a parting of ways. Johnson acknowledged that improved communication might have altered the course of their partnership.

Now, as Jimmy Johnson takes his place in the Ring of Honor alongside other Cowboys legends, the wounds of the past seem to heal. The induction, long overdue, symbolizes the enduring impact of a coach who played a pivotal role in shaping the Cowboys’ destiny.


Jimmy Johnson’s induction into the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor is a poignant chapter in the team’s history. As the community and football enthusiasts celebrate this long-awaited recognition, it serves as a reminder of the transformative era Johnson led and the enduring legacy he leaves behind in the annals of Cowboys football.


Q1: Why did it take 30 years for Jimmy Johnson to be inducted into the Ring of Honor?

A1: The delay in Jimmy Johnson’s induction into the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor has been a subject of speculation. While there were moments of reflection and respect between Johnson and owner Jerry Jones, the decision to include him took three decades, with the strained relationship and unresolved split playing a role.

Q2: What was the significance of Jimmy Johnson’s tenure with the Cowboys?

A2: Jimmy Johnson’s tenure with the Cowboys was transformative. Taking over the worst team in the NFL, he orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, winning back-to-back Super Bowls in the early ’90s. His impact extended beyond victories, shaping the franchise’s destiny.

Q3: Why did Jerry Jones decide to induct Jimmy Johnson into the Ring of Honor now?

A3: Jerry Jones, the decision-maker for the Ring of Honor, emphasized that Johnson’s induction was about doing the right thing. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Jones acknowledged the significance of Johnson’s contributions and deemed it the appropriate time for the induction.

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