Storm Henk Aftermath: Flood Warnings, Travel Chaos, and Power Outages

The United Kingdom is grappling with the aftermath of Storm Henk, as hundreds of flood warnings remain in place, causing significant travel disruptions and power outages. Here’s a comprehensive update on the situation unfolding across England and Wales.

Widespread Disruption

Large parts of England and Wales bore the brunt of Storm Henk, experiencing robust winds and heavy rainfall. The result has been widespread flooding, travel chaos, and power failures. Exeter Airport in Devon recorded the strongest gust of wind on land at 81mph (130km/h), emphasizing the intensity of the storm.

Flood Warnings Across England

Over 300 flood warnings were issued in England, with a severe flood warning signaling a danger to life at Billing Aquadrome in Northampton. Reports indicate that hundreds were urged to evacuate as the River Nene’s water levels rose, emphasizing the severity of the situation.

Severe Flood Warnings

Apart from Billing Aquadrome, a severe flood warning is also in effect for the River Ritec in Tenby, south-western Wales. Residents near Tenby’s Kiln Park caravan site have been cautioned about limited vehicle access, and there are distressing reports of raw sewage entering the water.

Rail Disruption and Travel Woes

Storm Henk’s impact extended to the UK’s rail network, causing disruptions and cancellations. Southern, Gatwick Express, Great Northern, and Thameslink services are expected to face disruptions until 10:00 GMT. Routes in South West England, South Wales, North West, and East Anglia are also likely to experience travel difficulties.

Power Outages

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) estimates that around 38,000 customers were without power as of 19:00 GMT on Tuesday, with damage inflicted by the storm. However, there’s a glimmer of relief as power has been restored to approximately 102,600 customers.

Incident Reports

Incidents related to the storm include a woman in Orpington, south-east London, being hospitalized after a tree fell on her. Fortunately, her injuries are not life-threatening. In Greenwich, a scaffolding panel collapsed, blocking a road.

Unusual Naming and Climate Change Implications

Notably, Storm Henk was named only hours before its impact, highlighting its rapid development. The delay in naming is attributed to its small size and early-stage development on Tuesday morning. While the impact of climate change on storm frequency remains uncertain, increased sea surface temperatures are known to intensify storms, resulting in more extreme rainfall.


As the UK copes with the aftermath of Storm Henk, attention turns to recovery efforts and addressing the implications of climate change on severe weather events. Stay updated with local authorities and exercise caution while navigating the aftermath of this powerful storm.


Q1: How severe is the aftermath of Storm Henk?

The aftermath of Storm Henk has resulted in widespread flooding, travel disruptions, and power outages across the UK. The impact is substantial, with numerous flood warnings and severe flood warnings in effect.

Q2: Are there specific areas more affected by the storm?

Yes, large parts of England and Wales have experienced significant impact, with severe flood warnings for areas like Billing Aquadrome in Northampton and the River Ritec in Tenby, south-western Wales.

Q3: How long is the expected rail disruption?

Rail disruptions, particularly in Southern, Gatwick Express, Great Northern, and Thameslink services, are anticipated until 10:00 GMT. Some routes in South West England, South Wales, North West, and East Anglia may also face ongoing travel difficulties.

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