The Clash of Titans: Francis Ngannou vs. Anthony Joshua Set to Rock Riyadh

In a surprising turn of events, heavyweight boxing fans are in for a treat as Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou have officially inked a deal for a monumental bout in Riyadh. Turki Alalshikh, chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, dropped this bombshell on social media, revealing the thrilling showdown scheduled for March 8, according to insider sources at ESPN.

The Twist of Fate

Anthony Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs) initially had his sights set on a highly anticipated face-off with Deontay Wilder on March 9 in Riyadh. However, the script took an unexpected turn when Wilder suffered an upset defeat last month at the hands of Joseph Parker. Seizing the opportunity, Joshua delivered a fifth-round TKO of Otto Wallin on the same night, setting the stage for a new narrative.

The December 23 card in Riyadh was initially designed to pave the way for the Joshua-Wilder spectacle, but with a sudden twist of fate, Alalshikh has orchestrated a potentially even more captivating matchup for Joshua.

Joshua’s Resurgence

Joshua’s victory over Wallin marked the culmination of a resurgent 2023 campaign for the former heavyweight champion. With three fights under his belt, he showcased a killer instinct against Wallin, a quality that had been somewhat elusive since his upset TKO loss to Andy Ruiz in June 2019.

“I’m on a journey, and I’m going to stay focused,” affirmed Joshua, 34, post-victory. This bout also marked his first collaboration with trainer Ben Davison. “I don’t celebrate when we win these fights. I celebrate when I win the titles.”

Ngannou’s Shocking Entry

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, made a jaw-dropping entry into professional boxing by flooring heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in October in Riyadh, albeit in a split-decision loss. Now, Ngannou (0-1) is gearing up to prove that his remarkable performance was no fluke, this time against another British boxing luminary.

The Stakes for Joshua

For Joshua, a two-time heavyweight champion who reclaimed his titles from Ruiz in Riyadh in December 2019, the journey has been far from smooth. Following that triumph, he faced setbacks with two consecutive losses to Oleksandr Usyk. Usyk is set to take on Fury on Feb. 17 in Riyadh for the undisputed heavyweight championship, a bout that includes a two-way rematch clause.

The winner between Joshua and Ngannou is poised for a future clash against the champion emerging from the Fury-Usyk showdown, securing a shot at the coveted titles. As ESPN’s No. 3-ranked heavyweight, Joshua boasts victories over Parker and Wladimir Klitschko, adding further anticipation to this colossal matchup.

Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, has announced a news conference on Jan. 15 in London, promising more insights into the epic showdown that has the boxing world buzzing.

Conclusion: A Battle of Legacies

In the heart of Riyadh, the clash between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou transcends a mere boxing match; it’s a collision of legacies, a testament to resilience, and a quest for ultimate glory. As the countdown to March 8 begins, the anticipation for this historic bout reaches a fever pitch, promising an unforgettable night that will etch itself into the annals of heavyweight boxing history.


Q1: When and where will the Joshua vs. Ngannou fight take place?

A1: The heavyweight clash is scheduled for March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Q2: Why did the initial plan for Joshua vs. Wilder change?

A2: Deontay Wilder’s upset defeat by Joseph Parker altered the course, prompting a shift in plans towards the Ngannou-Joshua matchup.

Q3: How did Joshua’s 2023 campaign contribute to this fight?

A3: Joshua’s resurgent 2023 campaign, marked by a fifth-round TKO of Otto Wallin, added momentum and showcased his regained killer instinct.

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