Harrison Jr.: The Game Changer in Ohio State’s Victory Over Penn State

In a highly anticipated Big Ten matchup, No. 3 Ohio State triumphed over No. 7 Penn State with a final score of 20-12, and it was the remarkable performance of All-American Marvin Harrison Jr. that made all the difference. This intense showdown showcased the snarling Buckeyes’ defensive prowess, marking their seventh consecutive victory against the Nittany Lions.

Harrison’s Heroics

Marvin Harrison Jr. emerged as the star of the game, making 11 crucial catches for a total of 162 yards. His late touchdown was the turning point, propelling Ohio State to a well-deserved win. Harrison’s exceptional performance solidified his reputation as a game-changer, and he undoubtedly shone as the standout offensive weapon on the field.

Defensive Dominance

The Buckeyes’ defense was the unsung hero of the game, successfully stifling Penn State’s offense throughout. They left Penn State’s quarterback, Drew Allar, struggling to make meaningful progress, and the Nittany Lions failed to convert on their first 15 third-down attempts. This ironclad defense, paired with Harrison’s offensive brilliance, sealed Ohio State’s victory.

The Key to Victory: Third Down Conversions

Penn State coach James Franklin succinctly summarized the essence of the game, highlighting the significance of third-down conversions. The inability to maintain possession of the ball on third down became the decisive factor that tilted the scales in favor of Ohio State. The Buckeyes consistently outperformed Penn State in this critical aspect, underscoring the importance of controlling the game’s tempo.

Brief Glance at Penn State’s Moment

While the Nittany Lions had their moments, including an electrifying play where linebacker Curtis Jacobs appeared to score a touchdown after causing a fumble, it was ultimately nullified due to a defensive holding penalty. Penn State struggled to find its footing and only managed to secure field goals in the first half. It wasn’t until the final 30 seconds that they broke their touchdown drought.

Ohio State’s Offensive Struggles

Ohio State faced its own set of challenges, primarily in their running game. They found it hard to gain momentum on the ground, with an average of fewer than 2 yards per carry. Miyan Williams made a significant contribution with 56 rushing yards, but the Buckeyes’ ground game was far from dominant. The absence of TreVeyon Henderson, the primary running back, further complicated their offensive strategy.

Consistent Excellence: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Harrison’s performance can’t be overstated. He became the first Ohio State receiver to achieve five career games with at least 160 receiving yards, solidifying his status as a pivotal player for the team. Despite the high expectations and immense pressure, Harrison’s commitment to his role on the field shone through. His determination to make plays for his team is evident in every pass that comes his way.

Injuries Impact the Game

In the midst of an intense game, injuries added to the drama. Penn State’s defensive end, Chop Robinson, was visibly shaken and had to be escorted to the locker room after taking a hard hit to the head. On the other side, Ohio State’s quarterback, Devin Brown, was also injured while attempting a run at the Penn State 6-yard line. These injuries remind us of the physical toll the game takes on these talented athletes.


Ohio State’s victory over Penn State was a testament to their defensive prowess and the game-changing abilities of Marvin Harrison Jr. The intense battle on the field showcased the importance of third-down conversions, ultimately deciding the outcome of the game. While both teams displayed moments of brilliance, it was Ohio State that emerged as the victor, leaving a lasting impression on fans and pundits alike.

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