Michael Conlan vs. Jordan Gill: A Stunning Upset in Belfast’s SSE Arena

In a surprising turn of events, Belfast’s own Michael Conlan faced a crushing defeat in his hometown, stopped by England’s Jordan Gill in the seventh round at the SSE Arena. This unexpected outcome adds another layer of disappointment to Conlan’s recent challenges in the ring.

The Unraveling of Conlan’s Hopes

Knockdowns and Struggles

Gill’s dominance was evident early in the second round when he knocked Conlan down with a powerful left followed by a right. The count of eight indicated the severity of the blow, setting the tone for the remainder of the fight. Despite moments of resilience from Conlan, Gill’s relentless performance kept him in control.

The Seventh-Round Barrage

With a minute and 45 seconds left in the seventh round, Gill cornered Conlan, unleashing a series of strong left and right punches. Referee Howard Foster had no choice but to stop the fight, sealing Conlan’s fate and leaving both him and the hometown crowd in disbelief.

Conlan’s Struggle for Redemption

A Rocky Path to the Present

This defeat follows Conlan’s previous setback—a world-title bid defeat against Luis Alberto Lopez. The change in trainers, from Adam Booth to Pedro Diaz, hinted at a potential resurgence, but the result suggests a more prolonged journey to redemption than anticipated.

Questions Surrounding Conlan’s Future

Having come close to retirement in the summer, Conlan’s future in the ring now faces even more uncertainty. This unexpected loss raises doubts about whether the Olympic bronze medallist will continue his professional career.

The Impact on Conlan’s Record

A Third Defeat

Once undefeated in his professional career, Conlan has now suffered three losses in 21 fights. The move up to super-featherweight, seemingly to suit Gill, adds complexity to Conlan’s career trajectory.

Gill’s Dominance and the ‘Battle of Belfast’

Gill’s Commanding Performance

Gill’s victory not only adds a notable triumph to his record but also establishes him as a formidable force in the super-featherweight division. His commanding performance against Conlan will undoubtedly resonate in the boxing world.

Lewis Crocker Triumphs

In the ‘Battle of Belfast’ preceding Conlan’s bout, Lewis Crocker secured a dominant victory over Tyrone McKenna, claiming the WBA Continental Europe Welterweight title. Crocker’s less experienced status did not hinder him, showcasing the unpredictable nature of boxing.

The Night’s Highlights

Agyarko’s Career-Defining Win

Caomhin Agyarko’s victory over Troy Williamson marks a significant milestone in his career, while Sean McComb’s dominant performance against Sam Maxwell adds another win to his impressive record.

Mixed Outcomes

Fearghus Quinn’s unbeaten record remains intact after beating Angel Emilov, whereas the Ruadhan Farrell-Gerard Hughes contest ends in a draw. Leli Buttigieg’s pro debut with a first-round stoppage win and Cameron Vuong’s fourth-round stoppage further contribute to the night’s diverse outcomes.


In the heart of Belfast’s SSE Arena, the unexpected defeat of Michael Conlan by Jordan Gill takes center stage. As Conlan contemplates his future in the wake of this setback, the night’s diverse outcomes underscore the unpredictable nature of professional boxing. Gill’s triumph reshapes the narrative of the super-featherweight division, leaving a lasting impact on the boxing landscape.

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