MP Crispin Blunt arrested on suspicion of rape

In recent news, former minister Crispin Blunt has made headlines by confirming his arrest on suspicion of rape and possession of controlled substances. This shocking development has sent ripples through the political landscape and has raised numerous questions about the legal implications surrounding the case. In this SEO-optimized long-form article, we’ll delve into the details of this case, explore the legal process, and provide insights into its potential consequences.

The Arrest and Initial Statement

On a fateful Wednesday, Mr. Crispin Blunt, the former Reigate MP, found himself in the eye of a storm as he was arrested on charges of rape and possession of controlled substances. In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Blunt confirmed his arrest and stated that he had been interviewed by the police twice in connection with these allegations. He disclosed that he had initially raised concerns about “extortion” three weeks prior to his arrest, which ultimately led to the unfolding of this case.

Cooperation with the Investigation

Mr. Blunt assured the public that he was fully cooperating with Surrey Police’s investigation and expressed confidence that he would not be charged. His commitment to cooperating with the authorities reflects his belief in the legal process and his determination to clear his name.

Controlled Substances – A Mystery

One intriguing aspect of this case is the nature of the controlled substances found in Mr. Blunt’s possession. At present, the police are unable to confirm whether these substances were drugs, as they are still conducting tests to determine their composition. This ambiguity adds an additional layer of complexity to the case, leaving room for speculation and uncertainty.

The Political Fallout

The Conservative Party swiftly responded to the news of Mr. Blunt’s arrest by withdrawing the whip, effectively making him an independent MP. He was also asked to refrain from attending Parliament during the ongoing investigation. This move has implications not only for Mr. Blunt but also for the political landscape in Reigate, Surrey, and beyond.

Crispin Blunt’s Political Journey

It’s worth noting that Mr. Blunt had a distinguished political career before this incident. He was elected as a Conservative MP for Reigate in the 1997 general election, defeating the incumbent Sir George Gardiner. He served as a justice minister from 2010 to 2012, was a part of the whips office during the Conservatives’ time in opposition, and chaired the influential Foreign Affairs Committee. This background raises questions about the potential impact of this arrest on his legacy.

Past Controversies

In April of this year, Mr. Blunt faced criticism for defending former MP Imran Ahmad Khan, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. Initially, he labeled the verdict a “dreadful miscarriage of justice” in a statement but later retracted his comments. This incident adds another layer to the public’s perception of Mr. Blunt’s legal judgment.

What’s Next?

Mr. Blunt announced his intention to stand down as an MP at the next election, which raises questions about his political future and the implications of this recent arrest on his decision. It remains to be seen whether he can weather this storm and continue his political career.


The arrest of Mr. Crispin Blunt on charges of rape and possession of controlled substances has sent shockwaves through the political landscape. This case is a testament to the complexities and uncertainties surrounding the legal process and its potential consequences for individuals and the political parties they represent. As the investigation unfolds, the world will be watching closely, awaiting answers and resolution in this high-profile case.

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