Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge: A Romance Blossoms in the Spotlight

Love is in the air, and the headlines are buzzing with the confirmation of a budding romance between Grammy-winning singer Olivia Rodrigo and British actor Louis Partridge. The couple made their relationship public with a passionate kiss captured by paparazzi at a New York City gas station.

A Stylish Affair

The couple’s public display of affection unfolded with Rodrigo showcasing a charming cottagecore look. She wore a breezy beige floral top with short puff sleeves, paired with brown corduroy pants, tan leather boots, and a burnt-orange suede jacket featuring cream sherpa lining. Accessorized with silver chain necklaces, rings, and black oval sunglasses, Rodrigo effortlessly blended romance with style.

On the other hand, Partridge opted for a Ben Affleck–inspired ensemble, donning a blue and white flannel, classic blue jeans, brown leather lace-up boots, a brown leather jacket with matching sherpa lining at the collar, and a green baseball cap.

Sparks Ignite in London

Rumors of a romance between Rodrigo and Partridge surfaced in October, with eyewitnesses spotting them on various date nights in London. According to sources, the connection blossomed through mutual friends, and the duo has been inseparable ever since.

Public Support and Shared Moments

Partridge solidified his support for Rodrigo during significant career milestones. He stood by her side during her performance at Z100’s Jingle Ball and cheered her on during the December 9 episode of Saturday Night Live. Videos captured Partridge recording Rodrigo’s performance and singing along to “All-American Bitch,” highlighting the couple’s shared interests.

The duo even left the Saturday Night Live show together, adding to the growing list of shared moments that affirm their budding relationship.

Past Relationships

Rodrigo’s newfound romance with Partridge follows her previous relationship with DJ Zack Bia, which lasted several months. In contrast, Partridge was previously linked to actor Sydney Chandler.


As the paparazzi lenses capture moments of love and connection, Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge step into the spotlight with a confirmed romance. Fans eagerly await glimpses of the couple’s journey, both in their personal lives and in the public eye. With a shared passion for each other and common interests, Rodrigo and Partridge’s love story promises to be one to watch in the ever-enthralling world of celebrity relationships.


Q1: How did Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge meet?

A1: The couple reportedly met through mutual friends in October, and their romance blossomed from there.

Q2: What is Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship history?

A2: Prior to Louis Partridge, Rodrigo was in a relationship with DJ Zack Bia for several months.

Q3: Who was Louis Partridge linked to before Olivia Rodrigo?

A3: Louis Partridge was previously linked to actor Sydney Chandler.

Q4: How did Louis Partridge support Olivia Rodrigo’s career?

A4: Louis Partridge supported Rodrigo during significant career moments, including her set at Z100’s Jingle Ball and her performance on Saturday Night Live.

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