Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Halloween Costumes Are Surging in Search Interest for Couples

In recent weeks, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have become an unexpected sensation in the world of Halloween costumes for couples. The surge in search interest surrounding the two celebrities can be attributed to Swift’s appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games. Let’s delve into the details of this fascinating trend and what it means for Halloween enthusiasts and fashion brands.

The Google Search Surge

A recent analysis of Google search results conducted by Music Industry How To has revealed a remarkable surge in search queries related to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce costumes. Over the last seven days, searches for “Travis Kelce costume” have skyrocketed by a staggering 761 percent, while “Taylor Swift costume” queries have seen a substantial increase of 464 percent. These surges in search interest can be directly linked to Swift’s attendance at two Kansas City Chiefs games.

Swift’s first appearance at a Chiefs game was during their match against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 24. This event alone saw a significant spike in searches for both “Travis Kelce costume” and “Taylor Swift costume.” Her subsequent presence at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets game on Oct. 1 further fueled this trend.

Halloween-Specific Searches

As Halloween approaches, individuals are actively searching for costumes that reflect the latest trends. This year, it seems that the combination of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is a hot choice for couples’ Halloween costumes. Searches for “Travis Kelce Halloween costume” have surged by 466 percent, while “Taylor Swift Halloween costume” queries have experienced an even more impressive increase of 816 percent.

Moreover, searches for costume ideas that include both celebrities, such as “Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift costume” and “Taylor and Travis costume,” have surged by 528 percent and 629 percent, respectively. The desire to emulate this high-profile couple’s style is evident in the rising search trends.

The Influence on Couples’ Costume Searches

Interestingly, Swift and Kelce’s joint appearances have not only boosted searches for individual costumes but have also led to a 277 percent increase in searches for “couples costume” on the same day as their first public outing together. The interest in coordinating costumes for couples reached a 90-day high after the news of their joint appearances spread.

Impact on Fashion Brands

Swift’s attendance at Kelce’s football games has not only affected costume searches but has also made a significant impact on certain fashion brands. For instance, following her appearance at the Jets game, the crystal-cut denim shorts she wore from Area quickly sold out online, demonstrating the influence of celebrity fashion choices on consumer behavior.

Additionally, when Swift attended Kelce’s game against the Chicago Bears, sales of his jersey experienced a remarkable spike, becoming one of the top five jerseys sold on Sept. 24. This surge in jersey sales reached across the Fanatic network of sites, including nflshop.com, with a remarkable 400 percent increase.

Swift’s overall influence on the fashion industry, particularly for luxury brands like Area, cannot be underestimated. According to data from Launchmetrics, her “Eras” tour generated an astounding $97.5 million in media impact value (MIV) by mid-August. Designers like Roberto Cavalli, who dressed Swift for the tour, accumulated $4.9 million in MIV, while Zuhair Murad, another designer she worked with, scored $2.3 million in MIV. These figures highlight Swift’s significant role as a fashion influencer.


As Halloween enthusiasts seek the perfect costume for this year’s festivities, the search for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce-inspired outfits has taken center stage. The surge in search interest for these celebrity costumes, driven by Swift’s appearances at Chiefs games, underscores the enduring influence of celebrities on popular culture and fashion trends. Moreover, it reaffirms Taylor Swift’s status as a fashion icon capable of making a significant impact on the choices consumers make.


Why are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce costumes so popular this Halloween?

The popularity of these costumes can be attributed to Taylor Swift’s appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games, where she was seen supporting Travis Kelce.

What are the top Halloween costume searches related to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Searches for “Travis Kelce Halloween costume” and “Taylor Swift Halloween costume” have seen significant increases, along with searches for couples’ costume ideas involving both celebrities.

How has Taylor Swift’s fashion choices impacted brands like Area and jersey sales for Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift’s fashion choices have led to increased sales for brands like Area, with items she wore selling out online. Travis Kelce’s jersey sales also spiked after Swift attended a game wearing it.

Why are couples’ costumes in high demand this year?

The demand for couples’ costumes has surged after Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted together, inspiring many to coordinate their Halloween outfits.

What is the overall influence of Taylor Swift in the fashion industry?

Taylor Swift has a significant influence on the fashion industry, particularly for luxury brands, as evidenced by the high media impact value (MIV) generated during her “Eras” tour.

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