Veterans Day 2023: What’s Open and What’s Closed

The significance of Veterans Day resonates deeper than a mere holiday. It’s a moment of remembrance and gratitude, marking the formal conclusion of World War I, initially coined Armistice Day. This day, every Nov. 11, extends beyond its historical roots to honor the valor, patriotism, and selfless service of veterans across all conflicts.

Federal Observations

Given that Veterans Day falls on a Saturday this year, various entities, including the federal government and numerous local agencies, will commemorate it on Friday. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can anticipate this Veterans Day.

Business Operations

For small businesses, it’s predominantly business as usual. While many maintain regular hours, some might opt for closure or reduced operating times on the weekend. Contacting these establishments beforehand can ensure you’re in the loop about their schedule.

Retail and Postal Services

The U.S. Postal Service will not have Saturday deliveries, but private couriers like FedEx and UPS will continue their services. Notably, Amazon packages routed through these private carriers will be accessible, although specific store hours might be subject to alteration.

Department Stores and Pharmacies

Major supermarket and department store chains, such as Whole Foods, Costco, and CVS, will maintain their regular Friday hours. Nevertheless, smaller pharmacies within supermarkets might vary in their operational hours. It’s advisable to confirm their schedule in advance.

Public Transit and Local Observances

Transit services like Metrorail and Metrobus will operate on a Saturday schedule on Friday. Different regions, like Maryland, the District of Columbia, and various counties, will have varied observances and adjustments to their services on this day.

District of Columbia (DC)

In DC, Veterans Day observance on Friday results in closures for various entities, including schools, most public workers, and specific government offices. However, certain essential services will remain accessible, emphasizing online options for necessary assistance.

Maryland Counties

Across Maryland, different counties like Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Charles, and others will witness various closures. These closures extend to government offices, public schools, libraries, and transportation services. However, exceptions exist, such as modified schedules for certain transit services.

Virginia Observances

Similarly, in Virginia’s cities like Alexandria, Arlington, Prince William, Loudoun, and Fairfax County, Friday will observe closures across government offices, schools, libraries, and specific transit services. However, recreational facilities and select museums may have altered schedules or limited closures.


Veterans Day, beyond its historical significance, leads to diverse operational adjustments across federal, local, and private entities. It’s essential to check in advance for service modifications, ensuring a seamless experience while honoring our veterans’ sacrifices and dedication.


1. What is the origin of Veterans Day?

Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day on Nov. 11, 1919, commemorating the end of World War I. In 1954, it was renamed Veterans Day to honor veterans of all conflicts.

2. Will small businesses be open on Veterans Day?

Generally, small businesses tend to maintain their regular hours, but some might opt for closure or reduced hours. It’s advisable to contact them directly for their schedule.

3. Are postal services affected on Veterans Day?

The U.S. Postal Service won’t deliver mail on Saturday (Veterans Day), but private couriers like FedEx and UPS will continue their services.

4. How will public transit be affected on Veterans Day?

Public transit services might operate on modified schedules. For example, Metrorail and Metrobus may run on a Saturday schedule in observance of Veterans Day.

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