Alan Wake 2 Movie Review

Alan Wake 2: Remedy, the game developer, is renowned for its experimental approach to storytelling and gameplay. It seamlessly blends live-action footage with interactive elements, often keeping players on their toes. This long-form review takes you through the highs and lows of Alan Wake’s long-awaited sequel, where the protagonist, Alan, finds himself trapped in a complex web of reality and darkness.

A Long-Awaited Return

Alan Wake 2 picks up right where its predecessor left off, after 13 years of anticipation. Alan, our beleaguered protagonist, is still struggling to find his way back to reality, trapped in a nightmarish limbo. At first glance, both Alan Wake games appear to be about a man’s battle against an evil force, but dig deeper. The story explores the very essence of art, the act of creation, the reliability of memory, and the blurred lines between reality and illusion. It delves into themes of parenthood, friendship, and, of course, murder.

Saga’s Investigative Techniques

In this installment, we also get to play as Saga, a new playable protagonist with unique detective abilities. While Saga’s character provides a fresh perspective, her investigative techniques can be underwhelming. She uncovers key case facts through moments of introspection, which, while we can accept as part of her special abilities, can be unsatisfying for players. Additionally, her process of building evidence on a wall can feel formulaic, as players often know the outcome of the puzzle they are piecing together. However, Saga’s personal story and the mysteries surrounding her family make her character and gameplay more engaging, offering players a meaningful choice.

Alan in the Dark Place

Alan, on the other hand, lacks Saga’s investigative prowess. His journey unfolds in the abstract realm known as the Dark Place. This narrative choice aligns with his character’s confusion and disorientation, but from a gameplay perspective, it can become frustrating. Navigating this perplexing environment, exacerbated by a troublesome map and shifting doorways, can be more bewildering than enjoyable.

The Thrill of Combat

Nonetheless, even when grappling with disorienting gameplay, the combat system is a highlight of Alan Wake 2. The thrill of wielding a flashlight and shotgun combo to take down enemies is more satisfying and dynamic than in the original game. The only drawback is that combat instances are infrequent, with scarce ammunition and reliable dodge mechanics often discouraging engagement. It’s like having a delicious dessert in front of you while counting calories – you want to partake, but the scarcity makes you hesitate. Fortunately, the penultimate confrontation injects action into the gameplay, offering a fun homage to the series’ roots.

A Frustrating Game Mechanic

Alan Wake 2 leans into an irritating video game trope that will test players’ patience. Progress is frequently impeded by obstacles that always seem just out of reach, creating a sense of unsatisfying delay. Whether it’s searching for items to restore power or overcoming barriers that the evolving story creates, these hurdles can be more frustrating than they are thematically justified. While these obstacles make sense in the context of the game’s narrative, they can come across as antagonistic to players, hampering the overall gaming experience.

The Verdict

For fans who have eagerly awaited Alan Wake’s return and a chance to explore the narrative’s next chapter, the sequel offers satisfaction. Saga’s introduction into the Alan Wake universe is a welcome addition. However, when it comes to actual gameplay and navigation, the experience falls short, plagued by bugs and gameplay issues. Alan Wake 2 is a mixed bag, with moments of brilliance and moments of frustration. It’s a testament to Remedy’s commitment to delivering a unique gaming experience, even if it means venturing into the occasional “Dark Place” of game design.


Alan Wake 2 is a must-play for fans of the series, but be prepared for some unnecessary hurdles along the way. Remedy’s dedication to creating a unique and unconventional narrative is evident, even if it occasionally tests your patience. So, dive into the mysterious world of Alan Wake once again, and embrace the weirdness that comes with it.

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