Carabao Cup Elimination Poses Mindset Concerns for Arsenal

Arsenal’s recent Carabao Cup elimination at the hands of West Ham may not have a significant impact on their season, but it has raised concerns about the mindset and resilience of the team. In this article, we will delve into the performance, the controversial moments, and what this loss means for the Gunners.

A Forgettable Performance

The result of the Carabao Cup match was inconsequential, but what matters most is the performance on the field. Unfortunately for Arsenal, they delivered one of their worst performances this season, leaving fans and pundits alike in dismay. This raises questions about the team’s ability to maintain a high level of play when switching between competitions.

The Importance of Mindset

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, had emphasized the need for the right mindset before the game. He wanted his players to show unwavering focus and determination, regardless of the competition. The team, however, failed to meet this challenge, leading to doubts about their ambitions in more significant competitions.

The Impact of a Single Day

In football, as Arteta rightly pointed out, what matters most is the present day. Regardless of previous victories or losses, the focus should always be on the next match. Arsenal’s defeat against West Ham serves as a stark reminder of this fact, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the sport.

VAR Controversy

Controversy surrounded the opening goal of the match. Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale appeared to have his shirt pulled by Tomás Soucek just before Ben White headed the ball into his own net. Arsenal argued their case, but with VAR not in use until the semifinal stage of the Carabao Cup, their protests went unheard.

The Fight Drains Away

After the contentious goal, Arsenal seemed to lose their fighting spirit. West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen nearly doubled the lead shortly after the restart, and Mohamed Kudus extended the lead with a brilliant goal in the 50th minute. Bowen added a third, and Ramsdale’s performance left much to be desired.

Tactical Decisions

Arteta defended his choice of goalkeeper, suggesting that David Raya’s ability to play from the back was a key factor. Ramsdale’s poor pass completion rate and the number of shots conceded raised questions about his performance. The match also highlighted some struggles from other players, which turned this into a collective disappointment for Arsenal.

Substitutions and Messages

Arteta’s substitutions at 3-0 down, bringing on Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, seemed like a clear message to the underperforming players. The late introduction of Martin Odegaard, despite concerns about his fitness, further emphasized the need for improvement.

A Late Consolation

Odegaard did manage to score a late consolation goal, but it couldn’t hide the problems that plagued the team throughout the match. Arteta expressed his disappointment and took responsibility for the loss.


Arsenal’s Carabao Cup exit may not be a disaster, but it has revealed underlying concerns about their mindset and ability to perform consistently across competitions. As the team aims to compete at a higher level, they must leave nights like this behind and focus on improving their overall performance.


1. Will this defeat affect Arsenal’s performance in the Premier League?

While it may not directly impact their Premier League performance, the mindset and confidence of the team could be affected.

2. What role did VAR play in the match?

VAR was not in use until the semifinal stage of the Carabao Cup, which meant that controversial decisions could not be reviewed.

3. Who were the standout performers for West Ham in the match?

Jarrod Bowen and Mohamed Kudus made significant contributions to West Ham’s victory.

4. How did Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, react to the loss?

Arteta expressed his disappointment and took responsibility for the team’s performance.

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