Cat Deeley’s ‘Naughty’ Banter on This Morning: A Peek into ITV’s Host Transition

Cat Deeley kicked off her hosting stint on ITV’s This Morning with an effervescent flair, playfully declaring herself and co-presenter Rylan Clark as “two of the naughtiest people” to grace the network’s screen. The 47-year-old television personality, known for her previous stints in prominent shows like Stars In Their Eyes and So You Think You Can Dance, is set to temporarily helm the morning show for three days, sharing the stage with Clark and Craig Doyle.

Cat’s Wit and Playfulness

In a lively exchange, Deeley jovially exclaimed, “Can you believe they’ve let two of the naughtiest people in television live on ITV?” to which Clark amusingly quipped, “This is how it ends.” The banter continued as a clip featuring the hosts adorned the walls of the This Morning studio, prompting Clark to jest about Deeley’s prior experience on the show.

A Nostalgic Return

Reveling in the moment, Deeley recalled a previous stint on This Morning, reminiscing, “I’d kind of forgotten, I thought it was. Do you know why? Because it was so long ago.” She recollected an episode from roughly two decades past, where she co-hosted with Paul O’Grady during Cilla Black’s 60th birthday celebration, adding a touch of nostalgia to the conversation.

Star-Studded Lineup

The show boasted an array of notable guests including broadcaster Gyles Brandreth, actor Michael Palin, and makeup maven Bobbi Brown, infusing the segment with diverse discussions and entertainment.

Transition in This Morning’s Hosting Landscape

Deeley’s stint comes at a time of transition for the show, following the departure of long-standing hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Willoughby’s exit from the program after 14 years was succeeded by Schofield’s departure earlier in the year. This departure, amid revelations of Schofield’s personal life, has marked a significant shift in the show’s hosting dynamics.

Deeley’s Potential Role

Deeley’s temporary presence fuels speculation about a possible permanent role on the show, potentially filling the void left by Willoughby’s departure.


Cat Deeley’s vibrant entrance into the hosting sphere of This Morning, coupled with her playful banter and significant television background, marks an exciting chapter for the show. As the speculation around the show’s future intensifies, Deeley’s charismatic presence infuses a renewed energy, offering viewers a glimpse of what might unfold in the dynamic landscape of morning television.


1. Is Cat Deeley becoming a permanent host on This Morning?

As of now, Deeley’s appearance is temporary. However, her lively presence has sparked speculation about a potential permanent role on the show.

2. What prompted Cat Deeley’s return to This Morning?

Cat Deeley’s return seems to be part of the show’s efforts to navigate through recent host departures, including that of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

3. Are there any confirmed changes in the show’s lineup?

As of now, the show is adapting to the absence of its long-standing hosts and exploring various temporary hosting arrangements.

4. How did the audience react to Cat Deeley’s hosting debut?

Initial responses to Deeley’s hosting were positive, celebrating her vibrant persona and past television experience.

5. Will Cat Deeley’s stint affect the show’s format or content?

While no major changes have been announced, Deeley’s presence may introduce new dynamics and energy into the show.

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