Dhak Dhak Movie Review: A Ride of Empowerment and Camaraderie

Dhak Dhak Movie Review

In the world of cinema, where stereotypical male-centric narratives often dominate, “Dhak Dhak” emerges as a refreshing tale of empowerment and camaraderie. This review dives deep into the storyline, performances, and overall impact of this film, breaking down what makes it a unique and commendable cinematic creation.

An Empowering Narrative

Dhak Dhak” tells the story of four exceptional women bikers – Sky, Manpreet Kaur Sethi (Mahi), Uzma, and Manjari. Each character stands out with their distinct personalities, and the film takes its audience on a journey filled with challenges and obstacles. Sky, a vlogger with a passion for bikes, embarks on a mission to film the Barcelona Auto Expo. The catch? She needs to create a video series that moves people emotionally. This quest leads her to Mahi, a sixty-year-old woman who dreams of conquering the world’s highest motorable road, Khardung La Pass, on her motorcycle.

With a compelling storyline at its core, “Dhak Dhak” presents a narrative that not only showcases the determination and resilience of its characters but also addresses significant issues. The film brilliantly portrays the challenges and risks faced by women traveling alone. It subtly highlights the trust and camaraderie that exist among strangers on the road, contrasting with the dangers they might encounter.

Screenplay and Dialogue

Parijat Joshi and Tarun Dudeja have crafted a brilliant story that waits to be told. The screenplay does justice to the plot, offering well-fleshed-out characters and tackling essential themes. The dialogues, simple yet impactful, include one-liners that induce laughter. However, the film struggles to maintain the same level of engagement in its second half.

Direction and Execution

Tarun Dudeja’s direction is straightforward and engaging, despite some flashbacks. He sets the stage effectively by introducing the four women and their biking adventure. The film effectively depicts the challenges faced by women traveling solo, emphasizing the safety and camaraderie among fellow travelers. Key moments like Sky’s outburst, the pre-climax reunion, and the finale are particularly noteworthy.

However, the film is not without its share of flaws. The first hour of the post-interval portion appears stagnant, and certain character decisions are difficult to digest. Some character backgrounds and relationships are not sufficiently established, leaving questions unanswered. The film’s conclusion, particularly Uzma’s storyline, feels overly simplistic.

Powerful Performances

The film’s leading heroines deliver commendable performances. Fatima Sana Shaikh shines with her captivating portrayal of Sky, carrying the role with elegance and style. Ratna Pathak Shah’s performance is, as always, a sheer pleasure to watch, adding depth to the film. Dia Mirza impressively underplays her character, and Sanjana Sanghi delivers a fine act, albeit with a few moments of overacting. Nishank Verma and Hrriday Malhotra provide strong supporting performances, leaving their mark on the narrative.

Musical Score and Technical Aspects

The film features several songs, with “Re Banjara” and “Akhiyan Criminal” being the most memorable. The background score, composed by Anurag Saika, aligns well with the film’s theme, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Sreechith Vijayan Damodar’s cinematography beautifully captures the scenic mountain ranges, providing a visually stunning backdrop for the story. Production design by Nilesh Eknath Wagh reflects realism, and Natasha Vohra’s costumes aptly match the characters’ personalities. The editing by Manish Sharma maintains a slick pace.


“Dhak Dhak” is a well-intentioned and commendable effort that shines a light on female empowerment and camaraderie. The film’s strong performances, engaging storyline, and thematic depth make it a unique cinematic experience. While it has its share of flaws, the film’s message of determination and support resonates strongly. With more widespread recognition, “Dhak Dhak” could make a significant impact at the box office and beyond, paving the way for more stories of empowerment in the world of cinema.

What is “Dhak Dhak” about?

“Dhak Dhak” is a film that tells the story of four women bikers with distinct personalities who embark on a challenging journey. It explores their adventures, challenges, and the camaraderie that develops among them.

Who are the main characters in the movie?

“Dhak Dhak” is a film that tells the story of four women bikers with distinct personalities who embark on a challenging journey. It explores their adventures, challenges, and the camaraderie that develops among them.

What are the strengths of “Dhak Dhak”?

The film excels in portraying female empowerment, showcases the challenges faced by women traveling solo, and features engaging performances and impactful dialogues.

Are there any standout songs in the movie?

Yes, “Re Banjara” and “Akhiyan Criminal” are the most memorable songs in the film, adding to its overall appeal.

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