Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Encourages Anthony Davis to Embrace Three-Point Shooting

The Remarkable Transformation of Anthony Davis’ Three-Point Game

In the world of professional basketball, adaptation and evolution are paramount for players and teams to succeed. For the Los Angeles Lakers, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of Anthony Davis and his newfound prowess in three-point shooting. The 2022 preseason witnessed a revitalized Anthony Davis taking charge from beyond the arc, leaving fans and experts alike eager to see this transformation continue into the regular season. This article delves into the intriguing story of how Lakers’ head coach, Darvin Ham, has played a pivotal role in motivating Anthony Davis to unleash his potential from long-range.

The Resurgence of Anthony Davis

The 2021-2022 season had its challenges for Anthony Davis, particularly concerning his three-point shooting. He concluded the season with a disappointing 25.7% accuracy from beyond the arc, which was undoubtedly an area that needed improvement. His struggles with three-pointers also seemed to affect his free-throw percentage, which was a subpar 78.4%. Nonetheless, Anthony Davis’s overall performance remained impressive, boasting a field goal percentage of 56.3%, while averaging 25.9 points and 12.5 rebounds per game.

During the offseason, Davis made a conscientious effort to refine his shooting skills. This dedication to improvement became evident during the Lakers’ 2022 preseason, where he showcased a remarkable transformation.

Coach Darvin Ham’s Influence

One cannot understate the significance of a coach’s role in a player’s development. In this context, Lakers’ assistant coach Darvin Ham has been a driving force behind Anthony Davis’s resurgence as a three-point shooter. Ham emphasized that Davis’s newfound confidence played a pivotal role in his improved performance. He asserted, “His confidence has allowed Davis to shoot the three with freedom.”

Ham further expressed his confidence in Davis’s capabilities, stating, “I’ve requested to see six three-point attempts a game. Three per half, at least. I wouldn’t put that on him if I didn’t think he was capable. He’s more than capable, and I just think once he calibrates his mind to have that focus, he’ll do it. Amongst all the other things, the great things that he does.”

This unwavering faith from Coach Ham has encouraged Anthony Davis to step beyond the three-point line with confidence, showcasing his enhanced three-point shooting ability in the preseason.

Impact on the Lakers

The rejuvenation of Anthony Davis as a three-point shooter carries significant implications for the Lakers. By expanding his scoring arsenal to include long-range shots, Davis becomes an even more versatile and dangerous offensive threat. His newfound prowess from beyond the arc will not only boost his personal statistics but also elevate the Lakers’ overall performance.

Moreover, the trust and confidence that Davis has garnered from his teammates, coaching staff, and fans cannot be underestimated. Coach Ham praised Davis’s multi-dimensional contribution, stating, “He makes the game so much easier because, again, he can score from all three levels. He’s a great playmaker with the ball in his hands, getting his teammates the ball in really good positions for them to be successful. And his defensive prowess, it just gives him confidence. And everybody in this gym has all the confidence in the world in him. He’s the heartbeat of this team.”

Upcoming Challenges

Anthony Davis’s journey towards becoming a prolific three-point shooter is still in its infancy. As the Lakers gear up for the regular season, the challenges of maintaining this newfound ability will become more evident. Davis will need to continue working on his consistency and decision-making from long range. While the preseason showed promising results, the demands of the regular season will be a true test of his adaptability and growth as a player.


The transformation of Anthony Davis into a more proficient three-point shooter is an exciting development for Lakers fans and the basketball community at large. Coach Darvin Ham’s role in nurturing Davis’s confidence and skill in this area is undeniable. As the Lakers look ahead to the regular season, the newfound versatility and scoring capability of Anthony Davis will be a significant asset.

Now that you’ve learned about Anthony Davis’ journey to becoming a more effective three-point shooter, stay tuned for the upcoming Lakers’ games to witness this transformation in action.


What was Anthony Davis’s three-point shooting percentage in the 2021-2022 season?

In the 2021-2022 season, Anthony Davis had a three-point shooting percentage of 25.7%.

How has Anthony Davis improved his three-point shooting during the preseason?

During the 2022 preseason, Anthony Davis has shown a remarkable improvement in his three-point shooting, with a 58% accuracy in two games.

Who has played a significant role in motivating Anthony Davis to embrace three-point shooting?

Lakers’ assistant coach Darvin Ham has played a pivotal role in motivating Anthony Davis to become a more proficient three-point shooter.

What are the potential benefits of Anthony Davis’s improved three-point shooting for the Lakers?

Anthony Davis’s improved three-point shooting makes him a more versatile offensive threat, which can significantly enhance the Lakers’ overall performance.

What challenges does Anthony Davis face as he continues to develop his three-point shooting ability?

As Anthony Davis continues to grow as a three-point shooter, he will face challenges related to maintaining consistency and making effective decisions from long range in the regular season.

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