Mission Raniganj Box Office Day 3 (Early Trends): Akshay Kumar Starrer Stays Below The 15 Crores Mark In The Opening Weekend!

“Mission Raniganj” is an action-packed film, directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, has wrapped up its opening weekend at the Indian box office, and the results have left many disappointed. Let’s dive into the early trends and explore the journey of “Mission Raniganj.”

The Hurdles from the Start

“Mission Raniganj” faced an uphill battle right from the start. The pre-release buzz surrounding the film was surprisingly low, which set the stage for a slow opening. However, what came as a shock to many was the film’s opening day collection, which stood at a mere 2.75 crores. This initial figure set the tone for the weekend, and the film struggled to pick up steam.

Mixed Reviews and Word-of-Mouth

While “Mission Raniganj” received mixed reviews from critics, word-of-mouth among the audience was somewhat decent. The rescue drama, which had the potential to capitalize on positive word-of-mouth, failed to do so. The overall performance of the film remained lackluster, and its fate appeared to be sealed.

Day 3 Early Trends

As the opening weekend progressed, all eyes were on day 3 early trends. The question on everyone’s mind was whether “Mission Raniganj” could turn the tide. Unfortunately, the early trends suggest that the film is unlikely to achieve a significant breakthrough. It is expected to earn in the range of 5.10-5.50 crores on day 3.

One contributing factor to this limited growth is the India vs. Australia World Cup match, which seems to have had an impact on the film’s box office performance. The jump in earnings remained modest compared to the previous day, standing at 4.50 crores.

The Disappointing Numbers

In summary, “Mission Raniganj” has proven to be a major letdown during its opening weekend, with a total collection of just 12.35-12.75 crores. This figure is far from what one would expect for a film starring Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood superstar known for his box office prowess. To put it in perspective, Akshay Kumar’s previous release, “OMG 2,” managed to start above 10 crores despite facing tough competition from “Gadar 2.”

Looking Ahead

The road ahead for “Mission Raniganj” is challenging. It will need to maintain its earnings at the level of its opening day to salvage its box office performance and earn a respectable total. For now, there is no major competition on the horizon, with the next big release being Thalapathy Vijay’s “Leo,” set to hit screens on 19th October.

In conclusion, “Mission Raniganj” may have stumbled out of the gate, but it still has a chance to recover. Whether it can rise to the occasion and secure a better position at the box office remains to be seen. Akshay Kumar’s fans and Bollywood enthusiasts will undoubtedly keep a close watch on the film’s journey in the coming weeks.


1. What is the opening weekend collection of “Mission Raniganj”?

“Mission Raniganj” earned approximately 12.35-12.75 crores during its opening weekend.

2. Why did the film face challenges at the box office?

The film had a low pre-release buzz, and despite mixed reviews and decent word-of-mouth, it struggled to perform well.

3. What were the day 3 early trends for “Mission Raniganj”?

Early trends for day 3 suggested earnings in the range of 5.10-5.50 crores.

4. How did the India vs. Australia World Cup match affect the film’s performance?

The match seemed to limit the film’s growth in earnings, with a modest jump from the previous day.

5. What is the next major release after “Mission Raniganj”?

The next big release is Thalapathy Vijay’s “Leo,” scheduled to release on 19th October.

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