Mumbai Diaries Season 2 Review: Struggling to Stay Afloat Amid Chaos

In the ever-evolving world of streaming television, Mumbai Diaries Season 2 has made its debut on Amazon Prime Video, and it’s got viewers talking. This season, set during the harrowing Mumbai floods of 2009, reintroduces us to familiar characters, portrayed by the talented Mohit Raina and Konkona Sen Sharma, among others. But does it manage to keep its head above the rising waters of expectations? Let’s dive into the chaos and explore the highs and lows of this series.

Continuing the Saga

The second season of Mumbai Diaries picks up right where it left off, immersing us in the turbulent world of Bombay General Hospital. Dr. Kaushik Oberoi, portrayed with nuance and power by Mohit Raina, faces a barrage of accusations and doubts. His pregnant wife, Ananya Ghosh, played by Tina Desai, watches anxiously as he grapples with a medical crisis that costs a life. The media’s relentless scrutiny and the public’s doubts add layers of complexity to his character.

A New Generation

At the hospital, we are introduced to Dr. Oberoi’s three trainees: Dr. Sujata Ajawale (Mrunmayee Deshpande), Dr. Ahaan Mirza (Satyajeet Dubey), and Dr. Diya Parekh (Natasha Bharadwaj). Each of them has their own set of problems, creating a web of personal and professional challenges that adds depth to the narrative.

Love and Complications

Konkona Sen Sharma shines as Dr. Chitra Das, the director of Social Services at Bombay General Hospital. Her character faces a blast from the past with the arrival of Dr. Saurav Chandra (Parambrata Chattopadhyay), a character who adeptly wields a British accent. As Chitra grapples with her own demons, the rain continues to wreak havoc on the city, turning the hospital into a chaotic battleground.

Juggling Multiple Threads

With a plethora of characters and their individual stories, Mumbai Diaries frequently switches between different storylines, revealing information at strategic moments. While this approach adds depth to some characters, it falls short with others. The interplay between Ahaan, Chitra, and Saurav feels disconnected from the overarching narrative. Similarly, the subplot involving news anchor Mansi Hirani fails to evoke the intended exasperation and loses its way halfway through.

Mohit Raina’s Stellar Performance

One undeniable highlight of Mumbai Diaries Season 2 is Mohit Raina’s exceptional performance as Dr. Kaushik. His portrayal is both poignant and vulnerable, anchoring the show even when it struggles to find its footing amidst a multitude of subplots.

The Struggle for Balance

Mumbai Diaries Season 2 grapples with a central conflict: the tension between individual character arcs and the larger narrative of a struggling hospital. Instead of delving into the broken healthcare system and the constant threat looming over every moment, the series often focuses on personal conflicts and dramatic revelations.

Missed Opportunities

While the show does have its powerful moments, it seldom takes a breath to address broader issues like the climate crisis, the media’s role in society, and the healthcare system’s challenges. These important subjects are overshadowed by personal dramas, leaving viewers longing for more depth and substance.


In conclusion, Mumbai Diaries Season 2 has its moments of brilliance, largely thanks to Mohit Raina’s exceptional performance. However, it struggles to strike a balance between individual character arcs and the overarching narrative. It often feels stretched and fails to explore important societal issues in depth. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of medical dramas and enjoy character-driven stories, this season may still be worth a watch.


Is Mumbai Diaries Season 2 worth watching?

If you enjoyed the first season and appreciate character-driven dramas, it’s worth giving it a try.

What is the standout performance in the series?

Mohit Raina’s portrayal of Dr. Kaushik Oberoi is a highlight and adds depth to the show.

Does the series address real-world issues like the healthcare system and climate crisis?

While it touches on these topics, the series doesn’t delve deeply into them, focusing more on personal conflicts.

Are there any memorable moments in Season 2?

Yes, there are powerful moments, particularly involving Dr. Kaushik’s character.

Where can I watch Mumbai Diaries Season 2?

You can access the series on Amazon Prime Video.

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