Shocking Decisions Lead to Controversy against Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena; India Plans Official Protest

The Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, have been nothing short of eventful for Indian athletes, and not in a good way. Shocking decisions, technical failures, and unusual incidents have marred the competition, leaving many questioning the fairness of the games. In this article, we delve into the controversy surrounding Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena, who, despite facing numerous challenges, managed to secure gold and silver medals for India. However, these victories were not without their fair share of drama.

The Unfortunate Turn of Events

The saga of controversy began when Jyothi Yarraji, an Indian sprinter, was unjustly disqualified in the women’s 100m hurdles final. She was accused of a false start that never occurred, but after a protest, her bronze medal was upgraded to silver. This incident set the stage for what was to come.

In a truly unprecedented turn of events, Neeraj Chopra, an Olympic gold medalist and reigning world champion in javelin throw, found himself in a peculiar situation. During the men’s javelin throw final, a technical failure in the scoring system forced him to retake his first throw. The initial estimate placed his throw at around 87-88m, which would have almost guaranteed him a gold medal. However, due to the technical glitch, the exact distance couldn’t be measured.

The ensuing chaos was palpable as Neeraj engaged in a lengthy discussion with officials. While this was happening, Abdulrahman Alazemi of Kuwait took his first attempt. This raised another issue, as the rules dictate that the next athlete should not begin until the previous athlete’s score is officially confirmed. The competition was suspended for approximately 20 minutes before it was decided that Neeraj would have to redo his first throw. This time, it measured at 82.38m, significantly less than his initial attempt.

But the shock didn’t end there. Kishore Jena, another Indian javelin thrower competing in the same event, had his own run-in with controversy. His second attempt was flagged as a disqualification, even though it was evident that his front foot had not crossed the white line. Neeraj Chopra quickly stepped in, urging Kishore to appeal, which ultimately led to the decision being overturned. Kishore’s throw was recorded at 79.76m. The replays further revealed that the Chinese official had not even paid attention to Kishore’s foot before raising the red flag.

India’s Response

In the wake of these shocking decisions and controversies, India’s legendary long jumper and the current vice president of the Athletics Federation of India, Anju Bobby George, announced that India would officially protest against all officials involved in the athletics events at the Asian Games. She expressed her concern, saying, “I think it’s calculated. They are trying to cheat us. One or two incidents are okay, but this is continuously happening to us. We are going to protest against all the officials.”

Neeraj Chopra, despite the turmoil surrounding his first throw, remained composed and went on to win gold. He stated, “My first throw was good, but they did not record it. I argued with the officials, but it was not in my hands, I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m happy that I could win gold.”

Triumph Amidst Controversy

In a testament to their exceptional skills and determination, the shocking decisions had no bearing on India’s performance. Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena created history by clinching gold and silver medals, respectively. At one point, Kishore even held the gold position with an impressive throw of 86.77m. However, Neeraj displayed his class with a remarkable 88.88m throw in his fourth attempt, securing successive gold medals at the Games. This victory was equally significant for Kishore, who threw a personal best of 87.54m, earning him the silver medal and a coveted spot in the Paris Olympics.

In conclusion, the Asian Games in Hangzhou have been marred by shocking decisions and controversies, but Indian athletes like Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena have shown remarkable resilience and skill in the face of adversity. Their triumphs stand as a testament to their dedication to their sport and their country.


What led to the controversy surrounding Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena?

The controversy stemmed from questionable decisions and technical failures during the men’s javelin throw final at the Asian Games.

Why was Neeraj Chopra asked to retake his first throw?

A technical failure in the scoring system prevented the exact measurement of Neeraj’s initial throw, leading to a redo.

How did Kishore Jena become involved in the controversy?

Kishore Jena’s second attempt was wrongly flagged as a disqualification, sparking a dispute that ultimately led to the decision being overturned.

What was India’s response to the controversy at the Asian Games?

India’s officials announced their intention to lodge an official protest against all officials involved in the athletics events.

Did the controversy affect the performance of Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena?

Despite the controversy, both athletes performed exceptionally well, with Neeraj winning gold and Kishore claiming silver.

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