Chandramukhi 2 Box Office: Can Raghava Lawrence & Kangana Ranaut’s Movie Break Even with a 60 Crore Budget?

Today, our spotlight is on Chandramukhi 2, starring Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut, which finds itself in a rather precarious position. Let’s delve into the details of its budget and the crucial breakeven point.

A Sequel with High Expectations

Directed by P. Vasu, Chandramukhi 2 is a sequel to the 2005 Kollywood blockbuster, Chandramukhi. The original film boasted a stellar cast featuring Rajinikanth and Jyothika, among others. It not only enjoyed immense commercial success during its initial release but also attained cult status over the years, thanks to its frequent telecasts on television. With such a formidable legacy, the expectations for Chandramukhi 2 were naturally sky-high. However, the reality seems to be unfolding differently.

Early Box Office Performance ,Chandramukhi 2

Chandramukhi 2 made a promising start at the box office, raking in 8.50 crores on its opening day. Yet, the following day witnessed a noticeable drop, with earnings amounting to just 4.20 crores. While some decline was anticipated on a regular Friday, this drop was steeper than anticipated. Even on Saturday, traditionally a day for box office growth, the film failed to make significant gains, with an estimated 5.10 crores on day 3. After three days in theaters, the film’s total collection stands at 17.80 crores* at the Indian box office.

An Uphill Battle for Breakeven

Chandramukhi 2’s performance at the Indian box office indicates that it is struggling to make a significant impact during its extended opening weekend. The film now faces a pivotal moment, with all eyes eagerly awaiting its performance today and tomorrow, coinciding with Gandhi Jayanti.

The film’s budget, reportedly set at 60 crores, places it in a challenging position. To break even, Chandramukhi 2 needs to accumulate a minimum of 80 crores in theatrical earnings in India. Given its underwhelming start during the opening weekend, the outlook for the film appears less than optimistic. However, the world of cinema is known for its surprises, and we can only wait and see if Chandramukhi 2 manages to pull off a miraculous turnaround.


Chandramukhi 2’s box office journey is still unfolding, and its ability to break even remains uncertain. With high expectations and a notable budget, the film faces a tough challenge in achieving profitability. As moviegoers continue to flock to theaters, the fate of Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut’s starrer hangs in the balance. Only time will tell if it can defy the odds and emerge as a box office success story.


1. What is the budget of Chandramukhi 2?

Chandramukhi 2 is reported to have a budget of 60 crores.

2. How much has Chandramukhi 2 earned at the box office so far?

After three days in theaters, Chandramukhi 2 has collected a total of 17.80 crores at the Indian box office.

3. What is the breakeven point for Chandramukhi 2?

To break even, Chandramukhi 2 needs to earn at least 80 crores in its theatrical run in India.

4. Is there hope for Chandramukhi 2 to turn its box office performance around?

While the film faces challenges, the world of cinema is full of surprises, and it remains to be seen if Chandramukhi 2 can achieve a miraculous turnaround and emerge as a box office success.

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