“Fukrey 3” Movie Review: A Comic Extravaganza That Mixes Chaos and Comedy

In the world of Bollywood, there’s always room for a good laugh. “Fukrey 3,” directed by Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, is the latest addition to the uproarious Fukrey franchise. This time, Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Richa Chadha, and Pankaj Tripathi return to tickle your funny bone in a comedy that takes absurdity to new heights. As we dive into this wild cinematic ride, we’ll explore what “Fukrey 3” has to offer and whether it lives up to the legacy of its predecessors.

A Recap of the Fukrey Saga

For those unfamiliar with the Fukrey series, it all began with the enjoyable first film, where Choocha (Varun Sharma) had peculiar dreams that led to financial success with the help of his friends Hunny (Pulkit Samrat), Lali (Manjot Singh), and Pandit-ji (Pankaj Tripathi). The second film introduced the concept of ‘deja choo,’ adding a layer of déjà vu to the hilarity. Now, in “Fukrey 3,” we witness the fusion of preternatural psychical abilities with physical absurdities, making it a film that revels in bodily humor.

The Plot Unfolds

The story begins in East Delhi, where Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chadha) is running for political office, championing the cause of the city’s water crisis. However, her secret backers, the nefarious tanker mafia, see her candidacy as an opportunity to further their interests. Enter the Fukras, initially roped in to support her campaign but inevitably creating chaos. Bholi hatches a convoluted plan to dispatch them to South Africa, setting the stage for a series of comedic mishaps.

In the heart of South Africa, amidst diamond mines and amusement park electrocutions, Choocha and Hunny stumble upon a revelation – their bodily fluids, including sweat and urine, can be converted into petrol. Yes, you read that correctly, “Fukrey 3” thrives on this absurd premise.

The Quirky Blend of Genres

What sets “Fukrey 3” apart is its unapologetic genre-blending. It seamlessly transitions between slapstick comedy, elements of science fiction, adventure, political satire, eco-conscious themes, and even ventures into the realm of crocodile-based B-movie absurdity. This willingness to defy genre norms adds to the film’s chaotic charm.

The Performances

While the crocodile provides comic relief, the human cast members deliver mixed performances. Pulkit Samrat’s thoughtful yet clench-jawed portrayal, Richa Chadha’s somewhat lackluster performance, and Pankaj Tripathi’s subdued role leave room for improvement. However, Varun Sharma shines as the endearing and clueless Choocha, providing the film with its heart and soul.

A Departure from the Original

When “Fukrey” first graced the screens in 2013, it stood out as a unique Hindi comedy. It was rooted in East Delhi, offering a glimpse into a different world. The characters, including the exaggerated Choocha, felt relatable. The music, especially ‘Ambarsariya,’ added to its charm. However, the sequels have taken a different path, veering towards more absurd and nonsensical humor.

In conclusion, “Fukrey 3” continues the tradition of bringing laughter to Bollywood audiences but takes the absurdity to new levels. If you’re a fan of slapstick comedy with a twist of sci-fi, political satire, and eco-conscious messaging, this film might be right up your alley. However, be prepared for a wild ride that doesn’t adhere to traditional genre boundaries. While it may not recapture the magic of the original, “Fukrey 3” is an adventurous comedy that pushes the boundaries of laughter and absurdity.

1.What is “Fukrey 3” about?

“Fukrey 3” is a Bollywood comedy film that continues the adventures of the Fukras, a group of friends who find themselves in bizarre situations. In this installment, they discover an unusual superpower involving bodily fluids.

2.Who are the main actors in “Fukrey 3”?

The film features Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Richa Chadha, and Pankaj Tripathi in prominent roles.

3.Is it necessary to watch the previous Fukrey films to understand “Fukrey 3”?

While having knowledge of the previous Fukrey films can enhance your understanding of the characters and their dynamics, “Fukrey 3” can be enjoyed as a standalone comedy.

4.What is the unique premise of “Fukrey 3”?

“Fukrey 3” introduces a humorous and absurd concept where the characters realize that their sweat and urine can be converted into petrol, leading to comical situations.

5.How would you describe the genre of “Fukrey 3”?

“Fukrey 3” is a genre-blending film that combines elements of slapstick comedy, science fiction, adventure, political satire, and eco-conscious messaging.

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