Fukrey 3 Box Office Day 4: Brings In Excellent Number On Sunday, Set To Score Huge On Gandhi Jayanti!

Fukrey 3 has emerged as a shining star. This eagerly anticipated installment of the “Fukrey” franchise is not only winning the hearts of moviegoers but is also making waves in the box office collections.

Fukrey 3 Box Office Day 4

Fukrey 3” has embarked on a remarkable journey at the box office, leaving spectators and critics alike astounded. It’s a testament to the film’s engaging narrative and captivating performances that it opened strong at the box office and has continued to soar with each passing day. Let’s delve into the numbers and see why “Fukrey 3” is becoming a game-changer in the world of Bollywood cinema.

Breaking Down the Numbers

The journey of “Fukrey 3” at the box office started on a promising note, with an impressive collection of 8.82 crores on its opening day, which was a Thursday. However, what sets this film apart is its remarkable growth. On Sunday, it nearly doubled its initial collection, bringing in a staggering 15.18 crores. This substantial increase in earnings is a testament to the film’s undeniable appeal.

Overcoming Competition

Despite facing stiff competition from other films like “Jawan,” which continues to impress audiences even in its fourth week, “Fukrey 3” remains unfazed. It’s evident that this movie is striking a chord with its target audience, especially in Delhi NCR. The local flavor of the film has led to packed houses in multiplex screens, with several shows going houseful. As a result, “Fukrey 3” has already accumulated an impressive 43.48 crores.

Aiming for the Stars

As we look ahead, “Fukrey 3” has set its sights on even greater success. The film is gearing up for Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday in India, which is expected to further boost its box office performance. Today is another significant day for the film, as it aims to cross the 60 crores mark within its first five days of release. While the night shows may see a slowdown as the holiday season winds down, the morning and afternoon shows are expected to maintain their momentum.

The Road Ahead

Directed by Mridhdeep Singh Lamba, “Fukrey 3” has all the ingredients of a box office hit. It’s now poised to become a major success story in Bollywood. The film’s performance in the coming days, especially its hold from tomorrow onwards and its second weekend, will determine the extent of its success. With other movies like “Mission Raniganj,” “Thank You For Coming,” and “Dono” also releasing, “Fukrey 3” is determined to maximize its earnings in its first week, leaving no room for competition in the days to come.


In conclusion, “Fukrey 3” is not just a movie; it’s a phenomenon. With its remarkable box office performance, it has proven that engaging storytelling and relatable characters can win the hearts of audiences and set the cash registers ringing. As we eagerly await the film’s further journey at the box office, one thing is clear: “Fukrey 3” is here to stay and is well on its way to becoming a Bollywood blockbuster.


Q1: Is “Fukrey 3” performing well at the box office?

A1: Yes, “Fukrey 3” is performing exceptionally well at the box office, with impressive collections that have been steadily increasing since its release.

Q2: What is the film’s goal for its first week at the box office?

A2: “Fukrey 3” aims to cross the 60 crores mark within its first five days of release, capitalizing on the holiday season.

Q3: Are there other films competing with “Fukrey 3” at the box office?

A3: Yes, there are other films like “Mission Raniganj,” “Thank You For Coming,” and “Dono” releasing alongside “Fukrey 3,” but the film is determined to outperform them in its first week.

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