Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco’s Confirmed Relationship

In the world of glitz and glamour, the latest buzz surrounds the confirmation of Selena Gomez’s relationship with producer Benny Blanco. The Rare Beauty founder left fans in a frenzy when she subtly acknowledged the rumors via an Instagram post by PopFaction on December 4th, stating, “Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms That She Is in a Relationship.” Let’s delve into the details of this unfolding romance.

The Social Media Confirmation

Gomez’s confirmation came in the form of a like and a comment. On December 7th, she liked PopFaction’s post and commented with a simple yet powerful “facts.” The post featured a snippet from an episode of Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays, where Gomez confessed to having a crush, sparking speculation about the identity of the mysterious figure.

Love Amidst Culinary Adventures

The Instagram carousel also included screenshots from Gomez’s Instagram story, showcasing her support for Blanco’s new cookbook. This gesture added a flavorful twist to their budding romance, intertwining their love with Blanco’s culinary creations.

Facing the Trolls Head-On

However, not all reactions were positive. Some fans took to the comment section to express their disapproval, deeming Blanco “unworthy” of Gomez. Unfazed, Gomez stood her ground, responding to critics with a powerful message of self-love and happiness.

Gomez’s Fierce Defense

In the face of negativity, Gomez defended Blanco, proclaiming him to be the best thing that has ever happened to her. She emphasized the positive impact he has had on her life, shutting down naysayers and asserting her autonomy over her choices.

A Peek into the Past

Gomez’s strong defense may have surprised some, but for those aware of their history, it’s not entirely unexpected. The duo previously collaborated on the 2019 song “I Can’t Get Enough” with J Balvin, creating a musical connection that appears to have evolved into a deeper bond.

Behind the Social Media Scenes

The speculation surrounding Gomez and Blanco had been building for weeks, with fans noticing increased social media interaction between the two. A pivotal moment came when Blanco shared a heartfelt note on Instagram, believed by many to be from Gomez. The singer’s mother, Mandy Teefey, further fueled speculation by following Blanco on Instagram.

A Prominent Presence

In October 2023, Blanco attended Gomez’s Inaugural Rare Impact Fund Benefit Supporting Youth Mental Health. Reports suggest he actively participated, even placing bids on tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. These shared experiences hint at a relationship that extends beyond the public eye.

Conclusion: Love Prevails

In the whirlwind of public scrutiny, Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco stand united, unyielding in the face of criticism. Gomez’s bold declaration of love and Blanco’s visible support paint a picture of a relationship grounded in genuine connection. As they navigate the challenges of fame and public opinion, one thing is clear: love prevails for these two amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.


Q1: How did Selena Gomez confirm her relationship with Benny Blanco?

A1: Selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with producer Benny Blanco through a like and comment on a PopFaction Instagram post, acknowledging the rumors surrounding their romance.

Q2: Why did Gomez face criticism for her relationship?

A2: Some fans expressed disapproval of Blanco, deeming him “unworthy” of Gomez. However, Gomez fiercely defended their relationship, emphasizing the positive impact Blanco has had on her life.

Q3: What is the history between Gomez and Blanco?

A3: Gomez and Blanco previously collaborated on the 2019 song “I Can’t Get Enough.” Their musical connection seems to have evolved into a deeper bond over time.

Q4: How did social media play a role in speculations about their relationship?

A4: Fans noticed increased social media interaction between Gomez and Blanco, with key moments like Blanco sharing a heartfelt note on Instagram believed to be from Gomez.

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