Browning, Bengals Beat Jaguars as Trevor Lawrence Suffers Ankle Injury


In a thrilling Monday Night Football matchup, the Cincinnati Bengals secured a 34-31 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The game took a dramatic turn in the fourth quarter when Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence exited due to a right ankle injury. Bengals’ backup, Jake Browning, stepped up in a big way, showcasing his skills and leading his team to a hard-fought win.

Browning’s Heroics

Despite filling in for the injured Joe Burrow, Browning displayed remarkable poise and talent. His performance, reminiscent of Burrow’s style, propelled the Bengals to a 21-14 lead late in the third quarter. Browning’s ability to respond to the Jaguars’ surge, tying the game at 28-28, and orchestrating a late field goal drive in the absence of Lawrence, underscores his potential as a valuable asset for the Bengals.

A Star in the Making

Browning’s second career start was nothing short of impressive. Completing 32 of 37 passes for 354 yards and contributing two touchdowns, one through the air and one on the ground, he showcased precision and versatility. With only the Kansas City Chiefs having their starting quarterback healthy among Cincinnati’s remaining opponents, the Bengals see a glimmer of hope for a playoff run.

Bold Prediction: Chase Brown’s Impact

Looking ahead, there’s a bold prediction on the horizon – rookie running back Chase Brown is poised to take on a more significant role. With Cincinnati exploring ground game options, Brown’s explosive 31-yard carry demonstrates his potential as a game-changer. These final five regular-season games could be a pivotal period for evaluating Brown’s long-term viability as a starter.

Statistical Brilliance

Next Gen Stats reveal Browning’s completion percentage over expectation in the first three quarters was an impressive 16.3%, ranking 12th out of 386 quarterbacks this season. Notably, he achieved this not only with short throws but also with 10 or more air yards on five of his first 20 completions, showcasing his deep-passing ability.

Jacksonville’s Setback

While the Bengals celebrated, the Jaguars faced a setback with Lawrence’s right ankle sprain. The injury occurred late in the fourth quarter, raising concerns about Lawrence’s availability in the upcoming games. With Beathard stepping in, the Jaguars prepare to face the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens in the next two weeks.

Pivotal Plays

Rookie wide receiver Parker Washington’s touchdown following an interception and linebacker Josh Allen’s interception of a trick play were pivotal moments for the Jaguars. These plays not only turned the tide in their favor but also highlighted the team’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Defensive Struggles

Despite early success in pressuring Browning, the Jaguars failed to maintain defensive pressure throughout the game. Browning’s impressive first-half performance, completing 17 of 19 passes for 178 yards, exposed a significant gap in the Jaguars’ game plan. Sustaining pressure on opposing quarterbacks will be crucial for the Jaguars in future matchups.


In the aftermath of this intense showdown, the Bengals’ victory and Browning’s standout performance take center stage. While the Jaguars grapple with Lawrence’s injury and defensive challenges, the Bengals, led by their resilient backup, are eyeing a potential playoff berth. The NFL’s unpredictability adds an extra layer of excitement as both teams navigate the remaining games of the season.

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