The Buzz Around “Tiger 3”: Salman Khan’s New Rival, Emraan Hashmi

Salman Khan’s latest action-packed venture, “Tiger 3,” has taken the internet by storm, and it’s not just because of the beloved Bhai’s return as Tiger. This time, it’s the introduction of Emraan Hashmi as the antagonist that’s stealing the spotlight. The recently released trailer has set social media abuzz, with fans hailing Emraan as a “worthy opponent.” In this article, we’ll dive into the excitement surrounding this epic showdown.

A New Challenger in Yash Raj’s Spy-Verse

In the third installment of the “Tiger” film series, Emraan Hashmi steps into the shoes of the villain. His character is on a mission to dismantle Tiger (Salman Khan) and disrupt his family life. What’s intriguing is that throughout the trailer, Emraan Hashmi’s voiceovers dominate, creating a sense of anticipation until he finally graces the screen in the trailer’s closing moments. His unforgettable line, “welcome to Pakistan,” leaves a lasting impression, and fans are hooked.

Emraan Hashmi’s Rapid Fanbase

The trailer’s release triggered an influx of reactions, mainly centered around Emraan Hashmi’s character. Fans are quick to recognize his impact, and they aren’t shy about expressing their excitement. Comments flooded in, with one enthusiastic fan stating, “Tiger finally got a worthy opponent. Bring it on, Emraan, bring it on!” Another chimed in with, “Blockbuster on cards. Loved your voiceover and look in the trailer. Excited for the movie.” These comments reflect the growing admiration for Emraan’s performance in the film.

Social Media Sensation

Emraan Hashmi shared the film’s trailer on his social media platform, X (previously known as Twitter). The response was overwhelming, with fans eagerly sharing their thoughts. Surprisingly, the discussions didn’t revolve around the trailer but instead focused on Emraan’s character. It’s evident that he’s made a powerful impact in just a few hours. This social media frenzy is a testament to his growing fanbase and the anticipation surrounding “Tiger 3.”

Salman Khan’s Reaction

Salman Khan, the iconic Tiger himself, didn’t hold back on his enthusiasm. He shared the trailer on his Instagram handle, and in the caption, he wrote, “Tiger se dushmani sabko bhaari padti hai (Enmity with Tiger will prove fatal). This time it’s personal! Watch #Tiger3Trailer now. #Tiger3 arriving in cinemas on 12th November. Releasing in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.” It’s clear that Salman Khan acknowledges the significance of this showdown. Even his brother, Arbaaz Khan, couldn’t contain his excitement and wrote, “Toooo Gooood.”


The release of “Tiger 3” has not only rejuvenated the “Tiger” franchise but also introduced an exciting new dynamic with Emraan Hashmi as the antagonist. His electrifying presence and the enthusiastic fan response are testaments to the film’s potential success. As we eagerly await the movie’s release on November 12th, the internet continues to buzz with excitement over this epic showdown between Salman Khan and his newfound rival, Emraan Hashmi. It’s safe to say that “Tiger 3” has set the stage for a blockbuster battle of epic proportions.


Q1: When is “Tiger 3” set to release?

A1: “Tiger 3” is scheduled to hit the cinemas on November 12th.

Q2: What role does Emraan Hashmi play in “Tiger 3”?

A2: Emraan Hashmi takes on the role of the antagonist in “Tiger 3,” where he is on a mission to disrupt Tiger’s life and family.

Q3: Why is Emraan Hashmi’s character generating so much excitement?

A3: Emraan Hashmi’s character has left a strong impact due to his intriguing voiceovers and memorable dialogue in the trailer. Fans are excited to see him as a formidable rival to Salman Khan’s Tiger.

Q4: How did social media react to the “Tiger 3” trailer?

A4: The trailer generated significant buzz on social media, with discussions primarily revolving around Emraan Hashmi’s character, indicating the growing anticipation for the film.

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