Today we learned Laura Trott is the unthinking person’s Helen Whately

Just over a week ago, Laura Trott received a call from Rishi Sunak. Would she like to join the cabinet as chief secretary to the Treasury? Come the following Tuesday, she might have wished she had thought a little harder before taking up the offer. Instead, she was left to crash and burn on the morning media round. It turns out that Laura Trott is the unthinking person’s Helen Whately. That bad.


In an unexpected turn of events, Laura Trott found herself in the spotlight after accepting a position in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet. However, her lack of preparedness became glaringly evident during a media round on the BBC Today program.

Lack of Knowledge

As a former backbencher during the pandemic, Trott proudly admitted to knowing as little as possible about everything. This lack of knowledge raises questions about the responsibility of government ministers to be informed and the delicate balance between economic decisions and public health.

Trott’s Justification

Pressed about Sunak’s decisions during the pandemic, Trott staunchly defended the chancellor, suggesting that intentional harm might have a justified reason if it preserves the economy. The fine line between deliberate action and unintended consequences becomes a focal point of discussion.

Autumn Statement Revelations

Trott’s excitement about upcoming tax cuts revealed a shift in the government’s strategy, indicating a response to public opinion. The explanation of inflationary measures in the context of global pressures adds complexity to economic decisions.

The Chaos vs. Vandalism Debate

Journalist Mishal Husain’s characterization of the situation as chaos is corrected by Trott, who insists it’s intentional vandalism. This deliberate strategy aims to shift blame onto the opposition in the upcoming elections.

Lord Big Dave’s Influence

In the political arena, Lord Big Dave is perceived as the de facto prime minister, overshadowing Rishi Sunak. The power dynamics within the Tory party come into focus, showcasing Lord Big Dave’s significant impact.

Lord Big Dave’s Return

Lord Big Dave’s return is marked by a sense of entitlement and a strategic move in foreign affairs. His role in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) debate adds depth to his influence.

CPTPP Debate

Lord Big Dave’s view on the CPTPP agreement, though laced with humor, raises questions about its economic impact. The importance of global trade is presented in a satirical light, emphasizing the agreement’s potential consequences.


In conclusion, the article delves into the contrasting approaches of Laura Trott and Lord Big Dave. The intentional strategy of the government, economic decisions, and the power dynamics within the Tory party are highlighted, leaving readers to ponder the implications.


Q1: Who is Laura Trott, and why is she in the spotlight?

A1: Laura Trott recently received a call from Rishi Sunak to join the cabinet as chief secretary to the Treasury, bringing her into the political limelight. However, her unpreparedness in a recent media round has sparked public attention.

Q2: What is the significance of the autumn statement mentioned in the article?

A2: The autumn statement holds significance as it unveils the government’s economic plans, including tax cuts. This shift in strategy, as discussed by Laura Trott, reflects a response to current public sentiments.

Q3: Why is Lord Big Dave referred to as the de facto prime minister?

A3: Lord Big Dave is perceived as the de facto prime minister due to his significant influence within the Tory party, overshadowing even Rishi Sunak. His role and impact are explored in detail in the article.

Q4: What is the CPTPP, and why is it discussed in the article?

A4: The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is a trade agreement. Lord Big Dave’s discussion on the CPTPP in the article highlights its economic impact and the potential consequences for the UK.

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