Unlocking the Nostalgia: Kel Mitchell Dishes on ‘Good Burger 2’

In the realm of ’90s cult classics, few hold the same cherished spot as Good Burger, the fast-food escapade that introduced us to the dynamic duo of Ed (played by Kel Mitchell) and Dex (played by Kenan Thompson). Over 25 years later, Mitchell spills the beans on the long-awaited sequel, aptly named Good Burger 2, in an exclusive chat with NPR’s All Things Considered host Juana Summers.

The Persistence of Good Burger’s Charm

A Blast from the Past: Still Quoting the Classics

Juana Summers kicks off the conversation by delving into the enduring popularity of the original Good Burger. Even after a quarter-century, Mitchell confirms that fans still approach him regularly, asking for the iconic line, “Welcome to Good Burger.” The enduring resonance of the movie speaks volumes about its lasting impact and the place it holds in people’s hearts.

The Genesis of Good Burger 2

Mitchell sheds light on the inception of the sequel, revealing that the desire to create Good Burger 2 has lingered since the release of the first installment in 1997. The turning point came about two years ago when a Jimmy Fallon reunion stirred enthusiasm among fans and studio executives alike. Mitchell and Thompson, both producers of the sequel, collaborated with writers Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert to craft a storyline that not only pays homage to the original but stands on its own cinematic merit.

Ed’s Voice: The Unlikely Inspiration

A Voice Born in Chicago

The conversation takes a delightful turn as Mitchell unravels the origin of Ed’s distinctive voice. Created during a Chicago theater audition, the voice emerged from playful banter with cousins, imagining how characters from Saved by the Bell would sound if they lived in Chicago. The quirky, Californian “Woah dude, yeah!” accent struck a chord during auditions, making Ed the standout character that fans adore.

Friendship and Laughter: The Heart of Good Burger

A Reunion Across Time

Reflecting on his enduring friendship with Kenan Thompson, Mitchell expresses the sheer joy of reprising their roles after decades. The bond formed during the inception of the show in 1994 and the movie in 1997 has transcended time, creating a familial atmosphere on set. Mitchell describes it as a rare and beautiful journey, emphasizing how the chemistry between them is akin to riding a bike, effortlessly reigniting the comedic spark from the early days.

The Timeless Appeal of Good Burger

Beyond Fast Food: An Underdog’s Tale

Delving into what makes Good Burger eternally relevant, Mitchell attributes its enduring charm to the timeless underdog narrative. The mom-and-pop restaurant taking on corporate giants resonates with audiences, creating a rooting interest that withstands the test of time.

Good Burger: Comfort Food for the Soul

Mitchell draws parallels between the movie and comfort food, emphasizing the nostalgic warmth it provides. Good Burger 2, much like its predecessor, promises a blend of cherished memories and a glimpse into the future, ensuring a cinematic experience suitable for all generations. The inclusive, family-oriented nature of the film harks back to an era when everyone could gather on the couch and enjoy a movie without anyone needing to leave the room.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Good Burger History

As Kel Mitchell unveils the intricacies of Good Burger 2, it becomes evident that the sequel is not merely a nostalgic throwback but a continuation of a beloved saga. The underdog spirit, heartwarming friendships, and the comfort of familiarity all contribute to the enduring appeal of Good Burger. As audiences prepare for the cinematic feast that awaits, it’s clear that the legacy of Good Burger is set to sizzle on, captivating hearts old and new.

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