Game Recap: Key Takeaways from the Packers’ Loss to the Broncos

The Green Bay Packers found themselves on the losing side once again, this time falling short to the Denver Broncos with a final score of 19-17 in an intense matchup at Empower Field at Mile High. In this article, we’ll delve into five key takeaways from this frustrating defeat and analyze what went wrong for the Packers.

1. Similar Script, Different Day

The Packers’ performance against the Broncos had a sense of déjà vu, mirroring their last loss in Vegas before the bye week. The game started with the Packers struggling mightily on offense in the first half, setting a recurring pattern that has become a major concern for the team. Just like in the previous game, their hopes for a late-game comeback were crushed by an interception.

Head Coach Matt LaFleur expressed his disappointment, stating, “We just keep digging ourselves in a hole. It’s disappointing to have no points at the half.” The Packers’ inability to put up points in the first half has become a glaring issue, and the lack of consistent execution is a cause for concern. Despite a strong defense that keeps opponents under 20 points, the offense isn’t doing enough to secure victories.

2. LaFleur’s Regrettable Play Call

In a critical moment, with less than two minutes left in the game and facing a third-and-20 from their own 46-yard line while trailing by two points, the Packers decided to go for a deep pass. Quarterback Jordan Love attempted to connect with receiver Samori Toure, but the pass was intercepted by Broncos safety P.J. Locke.

Coach LaFleur took responsibility for the ill-fated play call, admitting, “I probably should’ve just called a safer play, get half of it, try to set yourself up for a manageable situation on the next down.” The aggressive play call backfired, denying the Packers a chance at a late-game comeback, much like their previous game in Vegas.

Love, reflecting on the play, mentioned that they had the right play for the coverage, but the Broncos’ safety made a great play. It was a high-risk, high-reward situation, and unfortunately for the Packers, it didn’t pay off.

3. Costly Mistakes

Two particular mistakes stood out in this game. Firstly, rookie kicker Anders Carlson missed a 43-yard field goal attempt in the first half, which was a critical moment when the Packers needed points before halftime. This missed opportunity left the Packers with an even greater deficit.

Secondly, a holding penalty on Pro Bowl guard Elgton Jenkins on the final drive cost the Packers dearly. This penalty nullified a successful quarterback draw play, pushing the Packers back to their side of the field in a long-yardage situation. The Packers couldn’t recover from this setback, and the game ended with a missed opportunity.

Coach LaFleur highlighted the significance of these mistakes, saying, “It seems like there’s a lot of those critical mistakes that keep popping up. Those are things that cost you.”


The Packers’ loss to the Broncos was a frustrating and disappointing game, marked by a lackluster first-half performance, a regrettable late-game play call, and costly mistakes. As they move forward, the Packers must address these issues to secure victories in future matchups.

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