With Bad Bunny at the Helm, Saturday Night Live Leans Hard on Cameos

In the world of entertainment, Saturday Night Live has always been known for its ability to surprise and entertain its viewers. The show has consistently pushed the boundaries of comedy and brought a wide range of talented hosts to the stage. The most recent episode, hosted by Bad Bunny, was no exception. What made this episode particularly remarkable was the abundance of celebrity cameos that added an extra layer of excitement and star power to the show.

Bad Bunny’s Monologue and Surprise Guest – Pedro Pascal

Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican rapper and singer, took the stage during his monologue with confidence. In a charming and humorous manner, he addressed the audience’s curiosity about his ability to host the show in English, not his first language. He playfully assured the audience that he does whatever he wants. It was evident from the start that this episode was going to be something special.

During Bad Bunny’s monologue, a surprise guest made an appearance. Pedro Pascal, known for his role in “The Mandalorian,” joined him on stage, wearing an electric blue blazer without a shirt. This unexpected pairing was a delightful twist that highlighted the magic of live television.

A Telenovela Sketch with Mick Jagger

The surprises didn’t end there. The episode featured a telenovela sketch, and to everyone’s amazement, Mick Jagger appeared with a black curlicue mustache painted onto his iconic face. Jagger’s appearance brought a sense of nostalgia and humor to the sketch. He playfully interacted with Bad Bunny and Marcello Hernandez, providing a memorable moment for the audience.

Lady Gaga’s Spanish Introduction

Another exciting cameo came in the form of Lady Gaga. She made her entrance, speaking Spanish, and introduced Bad Bunny’s first musical performance. This unexpected collaboration not only showcased the versatility of the performers but also added a layer of anticipation for future projects between these two artists.

Multiple Beloved Celebrities and a Bright Future

As the episode continued, it became clear that the show was on a mission to keep the audience entertained with a string of beloved celebrities. This star-studded lineup, with appearances by Bad Bunny, Pedro Pascal, Mick Jagger, and Lady Gaga, left viewers wondering what surprises the show had in store for the next episodes.

The willingness of these celebrities to join in the fun and make cameo appearances shows the enduring appeal of “Saturday Night Live.” It’s a testament to the show’s ability to attract and entertain some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

The Sketches and Language Barriers

Despite the language barrier, the sketches in this episode managed to transcend any potential limitations. While the show was predominantly in Spanish and lacked subtitles, the humor and creativity of the sketches shone through. From 16th-century explorers trying to impress the King of Spain with their New World discoveries to a telenovela shoot with feuding brothers, the comedic moments prevailed.

One standout sketch involved Marcello Hernandez introducing his gringo girlfriend to his disapproving Mama and Tia, portrayed by Pedro Pascal and Bad Bunny. The language barrier added an extra layer of humor to the situation, making it a memorable and entertaining moment.

Bad Bunny’s Versatility

Bad Bunny’s versatility was on full display in this episode. He seamlessly transitioned from rapping on stage, dripping in leather and diamonds, to donning a nun’s habit for a hilarious sketch. In a playful riff on “Sister Act,” Bad Bunny’s character found himself at the center of a convent scandal. The sketch featured humor, innuendos, and even another surprise appearance by Mick Jagger, further solidifying the episode’s reputation for unexpected delights.


The recent “Saturday Night Live” episode hosted by Bad Bunny was a testament to the show’s enduring ability to surprise and entertain its audience. The abundance of celebrity cameos, the language barrier, and the versatile performances by Bad Bunny made this episode a standout in the show’s long history. It left viewers eagerly anticipating what future episodes might bring in terms of surprise appearances and comedic moments. Saturday Night Live continues to be a show that consistently pushes the boundaries of comedy and brings together unexpected combinations of talent for an unforgettable viewing experience.

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