Joe Burrow’s Wrist Injury: Unraveling the Bengals’ Quarterback Conundrum

In a surprising turn of events at M&T Bank Stadium, Joe Burrow, the cornerstone of the Bengals’ offense, exited the Thursday night game with a wrist injury, raising concerns about the franchise quarterback’s well-being. Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor shed light on the situation, stating, “It looked like he sprained his wrist. [He] fell on it early in the game and then felt it on the touchdown pass.”

The Untimely Exit

Burrow’s departure occurred near the end of the first half, having completed 11-of-17 passes for 101 yards and securing one touchdown. The responsibility then shifted to Jake Browning, who stepped in admirably, going 8-of-14 for 68 yards and contributing another touchdown to the scoreboard.

Moment of Pain

The moment that sent shockwaves through Bengals’ fans was Burrow’s visible wince of pain after successfully throwing a touchdown pass to Joe Mixon in the second quarter. His subsequent struggle to grip the ball on the sideline prompted a visit to the locker room, leaving fans and analysts questioning the severity of the injury.

Preexisting Conditions?

Adding a layer of complexity to the situation, speculation arises regarding a potential hand or wrist issue Burrow might have carried into the game. Observers noted him wearing a wrist brace as he disembarked from the team bus on Wednesday. Furthermore, the Bengals’ decision to delete a social media post featuring Burrow in the brace adds fuel to the speculation. Intriguingly, Burrow was absent from the injury report earlier in the week.

Post-Game Queries

In the post-game press conference, Coach Taylor faced inquiries about Burrow’s pregame condition. Responding to whether Burrow had hurt his wrist before the game, Taylor stated, “Not that I am aware of.”

The Unanswered Questions

As the Bengals’ faithful hold their collective breath, awaiting updates on Joe Burrow’s wrist injury, unanswered questions linger. Was there an undisclosed issue with Burrow’s wrist before the game, or did the injury occur during the intense Thursday night matchup? The presence of the wrist brace raises eyebrows, but only time will unveil the full extent of the situation.

Impact on the Bengals

With the uncertainty surrounding Burrow’s health, the Bengals face a potential challenge in upcoming games. The quarterback’s ability to lead the team effectively hinges on his recovery. Bengals enthusiasts hope for a swift return to the field for their star player.


As the Bengals navigate the aftermath of Joe Burrow’s early exit from the Ravens-Bengals game, the quarterback’s health remains a focal point. The unanswered questions surrounding the timing and severity of the wrist injury add an air of suspense to the Bengals’ season. Fans and analysts alike eagerly await updates on Burrow’s condition, hoping for a swift recovery and a triumphant return to the field.


Q1: Did Joe Burrow have a wrist injury before the game?

A: While speculation arises due to Burrow wearing a wrist brace before the game, Coach Taylor denies awareness of any preexisting wrist injury.

Q2: How did Jake Browning perform after replacing Joe Burrow?

A: Jake Browning, stepping in for Burrow, showcased commendable performance, going 8-of-14 for 68 yards and securing one touchdown.

Q3: What is the impact on the Bengals’ upcoming games?

A: The uncertainty surrounding Burrow’s health raises concerns for the Bengals, and the team’s performance in upcoming games may be affected depending on the quarterback’s recovery.

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