The Bengals’ Burrow Battling a Sprained Wrist: A Tough Night Against the Ravens

In a surprising turn of events during Thursday night’s clash with the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow found himself sidelined with a sprained right wrist. The 34-20 loss left fans and teammates concerned as coach Zac Taylor provided insights into the unfortunate incident.

Burrow’s Early Exit and the Wrist Woes

Burrow’s early departure from the game in the second quarter raised eyebrows, especially after a 4-yard touchdown pass to running back Joe Mixon. Coach Taylor disclosed that Burrow had fallen on his wrist earlier in the game, and the pain intensified after the pivotal play.

“It looked like he sprained his wrist,” Taylor revealed. “Fell on it early in the game and then felt it on the touchdown pass.”

The exact moment of discomfort remains unclear, as Burrow, untouched by any player, dropped to a deep squat on the field after the touchdown. Despite a brief visit to the medical tent, Burrow’s attempts to warm up were marked by dropped balls and visible struggles.

Browning Steps In: A Test of Depth

With Burrow sidelined, backup quarterback Jake Browning stepped up to the plate. Browning, previously on Cincinnati’s practice squad, showcased confidence and composure, completing 8-of-14 passes for 68 yards and a late touchdown to wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase.

Browning’s readiness for high-pressure situations was evident, despite this being his first significant NFL appearance. Taylor emphasized Browning’s consistency in preparation, underscoring his confidence when called into action.

The Team’s Response and Defensive Fortitude

Despite the setbacks, Taylor expressed confidence in the team’s morale, stating, “I didn’t feel like for one second the wind was out of our sails.” The defense, in particular, displayed resilience throughout the game, fighting relentlessly.

Beyond Burrow: Other Injuries and Postseason Implications

The challenges for the Bengals extended beyond Burrow’s injury. Starting cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt also left the game with a quadriceps injury, adding to the team’s woes. As the Ravens secured a season-sweep, the Bengals find themselves at the bottom of the division, facing an uphill battle in their postseason aspirations.

Looking Ahead: A Team United

Wide receiver Tyler Boyd acknowledged the impact of Burrow’s absence, stating, “It hurts us a lot. That’s our best player.” Despite the setback, Boyd emphasized the team’s commitment to moving forward, making plays for Browning and staying resilient in the face of adversity.


Thursday night’s game against the Ravens unfolded as a test of the Bengals’ depth and resilience. While Burrow’s injury raises concerns, the team’s response and Browning’s performance showcased a determined spirit. As the Bengals navigate challenges and injuries, their focus remains on rallying together, making plays, and pursuing success in the remainder of the season.

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