Nifty 50, Sensex today: What to expect from stock market indices in trade on October 9

The Indian stock market is always a hot topic of discussion, and on October 9th, there are a lot of expectations and speculations surrounding the performance of the two major stock market indices in India – Sensex and Nifty 50. In this article, we’ll dive into what to expect from these indices in the context of recent developments and expert opinions.

Geopolitical Tensions Cast a Shadow

One of the key factors influencing the Indian stock market’s mood is the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has raised concerns globally. This uncertainty is likely to have a significant impact on the Indian stock market’s sentiment. Investors are closely monitoring the situation and its potential consequences.

Friday’s Positive Momentum

Before we delve into the expectations for October 9th, let’s take a look at the recent performance of Sensex and Nifty 50. On the previous trading day, both indices showed positive momentum. The Nifty 50 recorded a gain of 108 points, closing at 19,653.50, while Sensex surged by 364 points, closing at 65,995.63.

Technical Analysis Points to Positivity

Technical analysts are optimistic about the short-term trend of Nifty 50. According to Nagaraj Shetti, a Technical Research Analyst at HDFC Securities, the charts reveal a bullish pattern. He highlights the formation of a bullish hammer type candle pattern at the support of the 20-week Exponential Moving Average (EMA). The index has also reclaimed the support of the 10-week EMA, indicating a positive trend.

Shetti’s analysis suggests that the Nifty 50 could face the next overhead resistance at around 19,800 levels for the coming week. This is encouraging news for investors looking for potential opportunities.

Nifty’s Resilience

Despite headwinds in the banking sector, Nifty 50 managed to end the week with a modest gain. Rupak De, a Senior Technical Analyst at LKP Securities, emphasized the importance of the critical support level of 19,500. As long as Nifty maintains this level, sentiment is expected to remain positive. De suggests that resistance levels could be found at 19,750-19,800.

In summary, a strategy of buying on dips seems favorable for Nifty 50, provided it holds above the crucial support of 19,500. This approach aligns with the sentiments of put writers who are expected to provide support at this level.

Bank Nifty’s Struggles

Turning our attention to the Bank Nifty index, it closed 147 points higher at 44,361 on October 6th. However, it faced volatility and challenges. Rupak De noted the bearish trend in the banking sector, as the index struggled to regain ground above the ascending trendline on the daily chart. Additionally, it has consistently remained below crucial moving averages.

Despite the challenges, De suggests that a significant breakthrough above 44,550 could potentially push the index towards 45,000 and beyond. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the downside, where support is located at 44,200.


As we approach October 9th, the Indian stock market is in a state of flux due to geopolitical tensions and recent market developments. The performance of Sensex and Nifty 50 is a subject of great interest and speculation. While there are challenges and uncertainties, technical analysis suggests potential positive trends, especially for Nifty 50, provided it maintains crucial support levels.

Investors are advised to stay vigilant, monitor the evolving situation, and consider their investment strategies carefully.


1. How are geopolitical tensions affecting the Indian stock market?

Geopolitical tensions, such as the conflict between Israel and Hamas, have created uncertainty in the market, impacting investor sentiment.

2. What was the recent performance of Nifty 50 and Sensex?

On the previous trading day, Nifty 50 gained 108 points, closing at 19,653.50, while Sensex surged by 364 points, closing at 65,995.63.

3. What do technical analysts say about Nifty 50’s trend?

Technical analysts are optimistic, with charts indicating a bullish pattern and potential resistance at 19,800 levels.

4. How is Bank Nifty performing, and what challenges does it face?

Bank Nifty closed at 44,361, but it faces challenges, including a bearish trend and remaining below crucial moving averages.

5. What should investors consider for their strategies on October 9th?

Investors are advised to monitor geopolitical developments, crucial support levels, and potential resistance to make informed decisions.

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