Plaza Wires IPO Allotment Date Likely Today: Check Latest GMP, Here’s How to Check Allotment Status

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the Plaza Wires IPO allotment status, your wait might be over soon. The Plaza Wires IPO share allotment process commenced on Monday, October 9, and it’s expected to be mostly finalized today. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to check the allotment status and provide you with some valuable insights into the Grey Market Premium (GMP).

Allotment Status Confirmation

Investors who have applied for the Plaza Wires IPO can check the status of their allotment on the registrar’s portal, Kfin Technologies Ltd, once the allotment process has been finalized. This is a crucial step in the IPO journey, as it determines how many shares you’ve been allocated.

Basis of Allotment

Through the basis of allotment, investors can find out not only if they have been allotted shares but also the number of shares allocated to them. This information is vital for investors to plan their next steps.

Refund Process for Unallocated Shares

For applicants who have not been allotted any shares, don’t worry. The company will initiate the refund process for you. This ensures a fair and transparent process for all IPO participants.

Receiving Allocated Shares

On the flip side, those who have been allotted shares will receive them in their demat accounts. This is a significant milestone for investors, as it means you’re one step closer to becoming a shareholder of Plaza Wires.

Refund Process Commencement

The refund process for individuals who were not allotted any shares is set to begin on Wednesday, October 11. It’s essential to keep track of these dates to manage your investments effectively.

Listing Date

Plaza IPO’s listing date has been confirmed for Friday, October 13, on both the NSE and BSE. However, if the company decides to adopt the T+3 norm, the listing could occur before this scheduled date. This is an exciting time for investors, as the listing price will determine the initial valuation of Plaza Wires shares in the stock market.

How to Check Your Plaza Wires IPO Allotment Status

Now, let’s dive into the practical steps on how to check your Plaza Wires IPO allotment status:

On the IPO Registrar’s Website

  1. Visit the official IPO registrar’s website, Kfin Technologies Ltd.
  2. Look for the Plaza Wires IPO allotment status link
  3. Click on the provided link.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Once you’ve accessed the link, you’ll see five options.
  2. Choose one of the five provided links.
  3. From the dropdown menu in the select IPO section, select “Plaza Wires Limited.”
  4. Select one of the following options to check your status: Application Number, Demat Account, or PAN.
  5. If you choose the application number, input it along with the captcha code and click “Submit.”
  6. For those who selected the Demat Account option, enter the captcha code and your account information, then click “Submit.”
  7. If you opt for PAN, enter your PAN number, captcha code, and click “Submit.”

Checking Plaza Wires IPO Allotment Status on BSE

To check your allotment status on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), follow these steps:

  1. Visit the allotment page on BSE’s official website
  2. Under ‘Issue Type,’ select ‘Equity
  3. Choose the Plaza Wires IPO from the dropdown menu under ‘Issue Name.’
  4. Enter your PAN or application number.

Checking Plaza IPO Allotment Status on NSE

For investors checking their Plaza Wires IPO allotment status on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit NSE’s official website:
  2. Register with your PAN by selecting the ‘Click here to sign up’ option on the NSE website.
  3. Enter your username, password, and captcha code.
  4. Once registered, check your IPO allotment status on the new page that opens.

Plaza Wires IPO GMP Today

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing world of the Grey Market Premium (GMP). As of today, the Plaza Wires IPO GMP stands at +23. This means that Plaza Wires shares are trading at a premium of ₹23 in the grey market, as reported by What’s noteworthy is that today’s GMP mirrors the trend of the last seven trading sessions.

Implications for Investors

Considering the upper end of the IPO price band and the current premium in the grey market, Plaza Wires’ estimated listing price is ₹77 per share. This is a significant increase of 42.59% over the IPO price of ₹54.

It’s important to note that the Grey Market Premium reflects investors’ willingness to pay more than the issue price, indicating strong demand for Plaza Wires shares.


In conclusion, the Plaza Wires IPO allotment status is a crucial update for all investors who participated in this offering. The process of checking your status is straightforward, whether you use the IPO registrar’s website or the official websites of the stock exchanges.

As the listing date approaches, keep a close eye on the Grey Market Premium, as it can provide valuable insights into the market sentiment and potential listing price.

For those who have been allotted shares, this marks the beginning of your journey as a shareholder in Plaza Wires. Congratulations!


1. When will the Plaza Wires IPO allotment process be finalized?

The Plaza Wires IPO allotment process is expected to be mostly finalized today, following its commencement on October 9.

2. How can I check my Plaza Wires IPO allotment status?

You can check your allotment status by visiting the IPO registrar’s website, Kfin Technologies Ltd, and following the provided instructions.

3. When will the refund process start for applicants not allotted shares?

The refund process for individuals who were not allotted any shares is set to begin on Wednesday, October 11.

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