Rosie Jones: The Unforgettable Royal Variety Performance Encounter

In the glitzy world of showbiz, where stars often tread carefully around royalty, comedian Rosie Jones brought a refreshing twist to the protocol book. At this year’s Royal Variety Performance, Rosie, 33, left an indelible mark not just with her comedic prowess but with a dismissive yet humorous interaction with none other than Prince William himself.

A Royal Affair

The Royal Variety Performance, aired on a dazzling Sunday night, played host to an array of talents, with Rosie Jones stealing the limelight. Attended by the distinguished Prince and Princess of Wales, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel of Sweden, the event was a star-studded affair. However, what unfolded off the stage captured the audience’s attention just as much as the on-stage performances.

Breaking Protocol with Panache

In an exclusive revelation during an appearance on Lorraine, Rosie candidly shared the amusing details of her encounter with the future king. Unfazed by royal norms, Rosie admitted, “You know what, I think I broke every protocol [for meeting the royals].” The comedian confessed to unconventional actions, including holding Prince William’s hand and breaking away from the conversation prematurely.

“I think you are meant to talk to them until they move on from you,” Rosie quipped, her irreverent humor resonating with the audience. “But I had said all I had wanted to say, so I tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘anyway, I will let you get on, and I will see you later.'”

The First Royal Dismissal

The revelation left the crew in fits of laughter, and even host Ranvir Singh couldn’t hide her shock. “I think that is the first time the future king has been dismissed by somebody. That is actually brilliant!” she exclaimed. Rosie’s audacious yet endearing act added a touch of relatability to a world often seen as formal and distant.

A Personal Connection

Beyond the humor and protocol-breaking antics, Rosie shared a poignant moment tied to the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Reflecting on the emotional impact within her family, Rosie revealed, “The day she died was my grandparents’ Diamond Jubilee, and on the day she died, they actually got a telegram from her. So that was really emotional.”

In the world of glitz and glamour, Rosie Jones managed to carve a unique space by being herself, unapologetically breaking conventions and leaving the audience in splits. Her royal encounter not only added a humorous chapter to her career but also showcased a side of royalty rarely seen – the ability to embrace spontaneity and humor, even in the most formal settings.


Rosie Jones’ hilarious dismissal of Prince William at the Royal Variety Performance transcends the boundaries of celebrity encounters with royalty. In a world often marked by formality, Rosie’s unscripted moment adds a touch of humanity, proving that even future kings can be on the receiving end of a good-natured brush-off. This memorable episode not only highlights Rosie’s comedic brilliance but also underlines the universal truth that laughter knows no royal bounds.

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