Taylor Swift’s Festive Touchdown: Cheering for Travis Kelce at Chiefs Game

The holiday season is known for bringing people together, and this Christmas, Taylor Swift added a touch of star power to the festivities at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The pop sensation was spotted enthusiastically cheering for her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, as they faced off against the Las Vegas Raiders in a thrilling matchup.

A Santa-Clad Entrance

Before the game kicked off, Swift made a festive entrance, riding a golf cart alongside a companion dressed as Santa Claus. The NFL captured this moment, exclaiming, “Santa arrived with a very special guest” in a social media post that quickly garnered attention from fans and media alike.

Suite Style with Santa Hats

Once inside the stadium, Swift opted for a suite experience, donning a Santa hat adorned with Kelce’s jersey number, 87, on the trim. Kelce himself joined in the holiday spirit, sporting a Santa hat before hitting the field. The couple’s festive attire didn’t go unnoticed, with several fans displaying signs that playfully referenced Swift and Kelce.

Fans’ Expressions of Fandom

Among the sea of Chiefs supporters, one sign humorously read, “I’m dreaming of a Chiefs Christmas (Taylor’s Version),” a clever nod to Swift’s ongoing project to re-record her initial six albums. Another fan proudly declared, “I am here for Taylor Swift,” showcasing the widespread appeal the singer brings to diverse audiences.

Star-Studded Company

Swift wasn’t the only celebrity presence at Arrowhead Stadium that day. Brittany Mahomes and Sterling Skye Mahomes, wife and daughter of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, graced the event. Additionally, Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark, honored as the Collegiate Women’s Athlete of the Year, made an appearance, exchanging jerseys with Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice.

The Game’s Outcome

However, the festive atmosphere couldn’t sway the game’s result, as the Raiders secured a 20-14 victory over the Chiefs. Despite the defeat, the day was undoubtedly memorable, filled with celebrity sightings, festive attire, and enthusiastic fan engagement.

Kelce’s Revelation on “New Heights” Podcast

Kelce, opening up about his relationship with Swift, revealed on his “New Heights” podcast in late September that life has been a “rollercoaster” since the singer’s initial attendance at his games. Swift, a consistent presence at Chiefs games throughout the season, made her first appearance in September, solidifying her support for Kelce on and off the field.

Celebrity Lineup at Chiefs Games

Swift and Kelce aren’t the only celebrities drawn to the Chiefs’ electrifying games. Throughout the season, notable names like Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman have graced the stands, adding to the star-studded allure of Chiefs’ matchups.

Looking Ahead

As the holiday season unfolds, and with Christmas festivities behind them, the Chiefs are gearing up for a crucial game against the Cincinnati Bengals on December 31. Football enthusiasts and Swifties alike are undoubtedly eager to see how the team, and the celebrity presence in the stands, will fare in the upcoming showdown.


In the spirit of celebration, Taylor Swift’s Christmas Day at Arrowhead Stadium became a festive spectacle, blending sports, entertainment, and holiday cheer. As the Chiefs continue their season, fans can anticipate more star-studded moments and, perhaps, a renewed winning streak. Swift’s unwavering support for Kelce has not only lit up the stands but also added an extra layer of excitement to the NFL season, making each game an event to remember.


Q1: How often has Taylor Swift attended Chiefs games this season?

A1: Swift has been a consistent presence at both Arrowhead Stadium and away games throughout the Chiefs’ current season.

Q2: Did the Chiefs win the game Taylor Swift attended on Christmas Day?

A2: Unfortunately, the Chiefs were defeated by the Las Vegas Raiders with a score of 20-14.

Q3: Are there other celebrities who have attended Chiefs games this season?

A3: Yes, notable personalities like Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman have also been spotted at Chiefs games this season.

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