Unleashing the Dark Knight: Batman Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch Review

The Batman Arkham trilogy has long been celebrated as a pinnacle in superhero gaming, and now, surprisingly, it’s available on the Nintendo Switch. In this review, we’ll delve into how well the iconic trilogy performs on Nintendo’s hybrid console, from the gritty Arkham Asylum to the expansive Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – A Solid Start

As the game that initiated the trilogy, Arkham Asylum smoothly transitions to the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Turn Me Up, this port remains faithful to the original Xbox 360 version. The game looks great, with minimal changes needed for the handheld console. While some effects are slightly diminished in handheld mode, it doesn’t hinder gameplay. With no notable frame drops or texture issues, coupled with rapid load times, Arkham Asylum on the Switch is a commendable experience.

Batman: Arkham City – The Pinnacle of Performance

Considered by many as the apex of the Arkham series, Arkham City shines on the Nintendo Switch. Originally ported to the Wii U, this game’s performance on the Switch surpasses expectations. Minor graininess in handheld mode is hardly a deterrent. The Switch version competes favorably with its predecessors, making Arkham City the standout performer in this trilogy collection.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Ambitious, Yet Portable

Arkham Knight, known for its stunning visuals, faces challenges on the Switch. While sacrifices were inevitable, the game remains playable with notable performance hiccups. Textures occasionally suffer from pop-in, and the Batmobile’s handling is less refined. The game’s outstanding graphics, particularly the rain and character models, retain their allure. Despite the occasional frustration in races, the novelty of playing Arkham Knight on the go adds a unique appeal.

Batmobile Woes

The Batmobile, a key element in Arkham Knight, faces challenges on the Switch. It doesn’t handle as smoothly, especially in races, where frame drops become more apparent. While not a deal-breaker for enthusiasts, those sensitive to performance issues may find it irksome. An occasional bug affecting game saves also demands attention, potentially impacting the overall experience.

Recommendation and Conclusion

The Batman: Arkham Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch provides a commendable gaming experience. Arkham City stands out as the best-performing title, offering a seamless transition to the portable console. Arkham Asylum maintains its essence with minor hiccups, while Arkham Knight, though facing performance challenges, delivers an enjoyable portable version.


  • Arkham Asylum: Close to original, minor handheld mode effects loss.
  • Arkham City: Superb performance, minor graininess in handheld mode.
  • Arkham Knight: Playable but sacrifices visual fidelity, Batmobile issues, occasional bugs.

Enthusiasts eager to experience the Arkham trilogy on the go will find this Nintendo Switch collection satisfying. However, those seeking optimal performance in Arkham Knight may consider waiting for potential patches. Whether you’re a dedicated Arkham fan or a casual player, the convenience of experiencing the Dark Knight’s adventures on the Nintendo Switch is undeniably enticing.


Q1: Is the entire Arkham Trilogy included in the Nintendo Switch collection?

A1: Yes, the Nintendo Switch collection features the complete Arkham Trilogy, including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight.

Q2: Are there significant differences in graphics and performance between handheld and docked modes?

A2: While minor differences may be noticed in handheld mode, overall, the performance and graphics remain consistent between handheld and docked modes.

Q3: Is the Batmobile racing experience on the Switch as smooth as on other consoles?

A3: The Batmobile racing experience on the Switch may encounter occasional frame drops, especially in race tracks, affecting the smoothness of the gameplay.

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