Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou: Clash of Titans – Odds, Prediction, and Fight Time

In the world of combat sports, two heavyweights are set to collide in a monumental showdown. WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will go toe-to-toe with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a 10-round boxing main event. The anticipation is building as they headline the Fury vs. Ngannou fight card at the Riyadh Arena in Saudi Arabia, set to take place at 2 p.m. ET. While this matchup may carry some novelty appeal, there’s no shortage of stakes on the line. Fury, who has never been defeated in a boxing match, aims to solidify his legacy. On the other side, Ngannou, widely regarded as the heaviest puncher in UFC history, is determined to send Fury to the canvas.

The Odds

As the fight approaches, Tyson Fury stands as the favorite with -2,000 odds, meaning you would need to risk $2,000 to win $100. In contrast, Francis Ngannou offers a price of +1080. Additionally, the over/under for total rounds finished is set at 4.5, with the Under at +122 and the Over at -156. Before making your predictions, it’s essential to consider the insights and advice from a true boxing expert, Peter Kahn of SportsLine.

Meet Peter Kahn

Peter Kahn is not just any boxing expert; he’s a true insider with a remarkable track record. He’s deeply connected to the world of boxing, managing numerous world champions and overseeing 20 fighters through his company, Fight Game Advisors. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, he won the 2022 Boxing Writers Association of America Cus D’Amato Manager of the Year award and secured a spot in the 2023 Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.

Kahn has displayed an uncanny ability to predict fight outcomes. His recent record of 44-13 on his last 57 SportsLine boxing picks speaks for itself, delivering substantial returns to those who followed his advice.

What Kahn Has to Say

With Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou on the horizon, Peter Kahn has meticulously analyzed the matchup from every possible angle and has shared his confident selections for the fight. To access his picks and in-depth analysis, head over to SportsLine.

A Closer Look at the Fighters

Francis Ngannou: From Polarizing to Prosperous

Ngannou’s journey in the world of combat sports has been a rollercoaster. Once celebrated as one of the MMA promotion’s most popular fighters, he later became a polarizing figure. The extent to which he’s to blame for this transformation depends on your perspective. Criticism arose due to his limited activity in the UFC, having fought only three times in his last three years with the organization. However, it’s worth noting that injuries played a significant role in this hiatus. Ngannou maintains that he never declined a fight offer.

During a public contract dispute with the UFC, many observers sided with the promotion and UFC president Dana White. They believed Ngannou overplayed his hand and made unreasonable contract demands. Eventually, Ngannou secured an MMA contract with the PFL, known for its generous fighter purses. This paved the way for his boxing match against Fury, with potential earnings reportedly reaching around $10 million—a substantial leap from his $600,000 purse in his final UFC fight.

In Ngannou’s eyes, this fight is already a victory. He states, “This is already a win. Saturday night, I’m going out there to find a second win, but I have won already. I have won everything.”

Tyson Fury: The Road to Respect

Some questions were raised about Tyson Fury’s level of commitment to Saturday’s main event when his promoters announced a much-anticipated fight against Usyk for the unified heavyweight championship, possibly as early as December.

Fury clarified that he wasn’t the source of that announcement and expressed his regret that it may have come across as disrespectful to Ngannou. However, the WBC champion emphasized that he prepared for Saturday’s fight with the same intensity and dedication that he brings to all his matches.

“I’ve trained as hard as I can train for Francis. I’ve trained for a 10-round war, and anything less is a bonus,” Fury said. “You can’t listen to the betting odds or what the pundits say or what anyone says. I don’t take anybody lightly. This guy is hungry. This guy has a point to prove. You think I’m not going to train for him?”

Making Your Picks

If you’re considering making your predictions, Peter Kahn suggests that the fight will go Over 4.5 rounds. Additionally, he has insights on method-of-victory prop bets and a confident money-line pick, all of which you can find exclusively at SportsLine.

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