Dead Body Found Below Stadio Maradona after Napoli-Milan

In the wake of Napoli’s Serie A clash with Milan at the iconic Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, an eerie discovery sent shockwaves through the football community. The body of a 42-year-old man was found in the abandoned parking area beneath the guest stands of the stadium, leaving both authorities and spectators bewildered. This incident not only casts a somber shadow on the beautiful game but also raises serious questions about stadium security.

The Mysterious Discovery

The Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport, reported that the lifeless body of the 42-year-old man was stumbled upon in the dead of night. What makes this discovery even more perplexing is the circumstances leading up to it. The victim’s friend revealed to the police that the two of them had surreptitiously entered the stadium via a tunnel, attempting to reach the stands without valid tickets for the match.

The Ill-Fated Ascent

Tragically, the victim, hailing from Bacoli in the province of Naples, embarked on an ill-fated ascent. He scaled a considerable height of approximately 20 meters, hoping to gain unauthorized access to the stadium. However, this daring move proved disastrous as he lost his balance and plummeted to the ground. His friend’s path to the stands was obstructed by a fallen beam, leading him to abandon his efforts to enter the stadium.

The Match Goes On

As the dramatic events unfolded beneath the stadium, Napoli and Milan fought fiercely on the pitch. The match ended in a gripping 2-2 draw, with goals scored by Olivier Giroud, Matteo Politano, and Giacomo Raspadori.

Security Questions Arise

The discovery of a deceased intruder in the vicinity of the Stadio Maradona raises pressing concerns about stadium security. How could two individuals manage to sneak into a professional football stadium unnoticed? What security measures failed to prevent this tragedy? These questions will undoubtedly be a focal point in the aftermath of this incident, as both Napoli and Milan, as well as the governing bodies, will review and reinforce security protocols.

The Tragic End

The unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to safety measures and respecting rules and regulations. While the allure of live football matches can be irresistible, safety should always be a top priority.


The discovery of a lifeless body beneath the Stadio Maradona after Napoli’s clash with Milan is a chilling reminder of the lengths to which some fans will go to witness their favorite teams in action. It also highlights the need for stringent security measures to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future. In a world where passion for the game knows no bounds, ensuring safety remains paramount.


1. How did the victim and his friend manage to enter the stadium without tickets?

The two individuals entered the stadium through a tunnel in an attempt to reach the stands without valid tickets for the match.

2. What caused the victim to fall from a height of 20 meters?

The victim lost his balance while climbing to gain unauthorized access to the stadium, resulting in a fatal fall.

3. Were there any security measures in place to prevent such incidents?

The incident raises questions about stadium security, and an investigation will likely reveal any lapses in security measures.

4. What was the outcome of the Napoli-Milan match that took place on that fateful night?

Napoli and Milan played to a 2-2 draw, with goals from Olivier Giroud, Matteo Politano, and Giacomo Raspadori.

5. What lessons can be learned from this tragic incident?

This incident underscores the importance of prioritizing safety at sporting events and following established rules and regulations.

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