Travis Hunter Makes Ridiculously Acrobatic Interception for Colorado vs. UCLA

In the world of college football, there are moments that define a player’s skill and prowess on the field. Travis Hunter, the shining star of the Colorado football program, recently showcased his extraordinary talent with an acrobatic interception that left spectators in awe during the game against UCLA. While the initial buzz around Colorado’s football program may have settled as October comes to a close, Travis Hunter’s exceptional abilities continue to capture the spotlight.

The Acrobatic Play

It was a Saturday night showdown, and the anticipation was palpable. Colorado was set to face off against UCLA, and all eyes were on the field. Travis Hunter, a versatile two-way player, was about to make his mark on the defensive side of the game. Locked in man coverage on the outside, he read the eyes of UCLA’s quarterback, Ethan Garbers, with precision and finesse. With lightning speed and unwavering determination, Hunter leaped in front of Bruins receiver Logan Loya, executing a play that could only be described as a ridiculously acrobatic interception.

The Impact of Travis Hunter

For the Buffaloes to secure an upset victory on the road against the Bruins, they knew they needed Hunter’s exceptional skills to shine on both offense and defense. His first-quarter interception was a testament to his incredible athleticism, leaving no doubt that he was a game-changer.

The Colorado Story

As the Buffaloes took the field that Saturday night, they were carrying a 4–3 season record. Just two weeks prior, they had experienced a heart-wrenching 46–43 loss to Stanford. However, it was evident that the tides were turning. With the possibility of bowl eligibility merely two victories away, the Buffaloes were in the midst of an inspiring comeback, and a significant part of this resurgence could be attributed to the remarkable Travis Hunter.


In the world of college football, moments of brilliance and extraordinary talent shine through, and Travis Hunter’s acrobatic interception against UCLA was one such moment. As the Colorado Buffaloes aim for a successful season, Travis Hunter stands out as a key player whose impact transcends the game. His athleticism and skill are a testament to the determination and hard work that define college football, making him a player to watch in the seasons to come.


1. Who is Travis Hunter?

Travis Hunter is a standout player for the Colorado football program, known for his exceptional skills and versatility on both offense and defense.

2. What happened during the game between Colorado and UCLA?

During the game against UCLA, Travis Hunter made a remarkable acrobatic interception in the first quarter, displaying his extraordinary athleticism and football IQ.

3. How did Travis Hunter make the interception?

Travis Hunter, in man coverage on the outside, read the eyes of UCLA’s quarterback, Ethan Garbers, and leaped in front of the receiver for the interception. It was a display of incredible speed and agility.

4. Why is Travis Hunter considered a two-way player?

Travis Hunter is referred to as a two-way player because of his ability to contribute significantly on both the offensive and defensive sides of the game. He is a versatile athlete who can make an impact in various positions.

5. How is Travis Hunter contributing to Colorado’s season?

Travis Hunter’s contributions to the Colorado Buffaloes are instrumental in their quest for a successful season. His athleticism and playmaking abilities make him a key player for the team.

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