Nets’ Nic Claxton and Cam Johnson: Injuries Shake the Brooklyn Lineup

In the early stages of the NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets faced a significant challenge as two of their key frontcourt players, Nic Claxton and Cam Johnson, were sidelined. This article delves into the details of their injuries and the impact they had on the team’s performance.

The Absence of Claxton and Johnson

After only two games into the season, the Brooklyn Nets found themselves dealing with the absence of two essential frontcourt players, Nic Claxton and Cam Johnson. Their absence was felt keenly in the Nets’ 125-120 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Cam Johnson’s Injury

Cam Johnson, who had missed the preseason due to a hamstring injury, suffered a left calf contusion late in the season opener. This injury was unexpected and unrelated to his previous hamstring issues. Johnson’s name was added to the injury report as questionable just hours before the game, and ultimately, he was downgraded and couldn’t play.

Coach Jacque Vaughn provided insights into the situation, stating, “Nothing related to the hamstring. Acute injury that happened at the end of the game that really didn’t know about, presented the next day.” Johnson attempted to warm up at the shootaround but felt discomfort, leading the team to make the cautious decision to rest him.

Nic Claxton’s Ankle Sprain

Nic Claxton, on the other hand, was sidelined due to a left ankle sprain, an injury he sustained during the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite finishing the game, he showed up at the morning shootaround wearing a boot. Vaughn clarified that the boot was merely a precaution, saying, “He finished the game. It happened around the seven-minute mark of the third, still finished the game, kept playing.” The boot was used to ensure that Claxton stayed off his injured ankle during the critical first 48 hours post-injury.

The situation is deemed day-to-day, and the two days between the Dallas game and the upcoming game against Charlotte could work in favor of both Cam Johnson and Nic Claxton for their recovery.

Impact on the Nets’ Performance

The absence of these frontcourt players had a noticeable impact on the Nets’ performance. With Ben Simmons stepping up and contributing with 10 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists, there was a shift in the team’s dynamics. It raises the question of whether Simmons’ assertive approach was a result of Claxton’s absence, considering both players are not known for their shooting abilities.

Cam Thomas, who had another impressive night with 30 points, garnered praise from Coach Vaughn for his attention to detail on both ends of the court. Vaughn expressed his confidence in Thomas’s growth, emphasizing his engagement in defensive strategies.

Players’ Sentiments

In addition to discussing the injury-related implications, this article also touches upon the sentiments of some of the players. Dorian Finney-Smith expressed his excitement about playing in Dallas, which he considers a second home. Spencer Dinwiddie, too, shared his connection to the city and his anticipation of playing against old friends.

These personal insights offer readers a glimpse into the human side of these professional athletes and add a layer of relatability to the story.


In conclusion, the Brooklyn Nets faced unexpected challenges early in the season with the injuries to Nic Claxton and Cam Johnson. Their absence impacted the team’s dynamics and required other players to step up. As the season unfolds, it remains to be seen how the Nets will adapt to these changes and whether Nic Claxton and Cam Johnson will make a swift return to the court.

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