Dolly Parton Rocks Thanksgiving: A Star-Studded Halftime Show in Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Uniform

Thanksgiving at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, got a dose of rock ‘n’ roll glamour this year, courtesy of none other than Dolly Parton. The country music icon, fresh from the release of her latest album, “Rockstar,” took the stage for The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Kickoff Halftime Show during the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Commanders.

Dolly’s Cowboys Cheerleader Chic

Parton’s high-energy performance was not the only highlight; her choice of attire stole the show. The iconic singer graced the stage in a dazzling version of the Cowboys’ cheerleader uniform. Picture this: a white vest adorned with blue stars, a chest-baring blue crop top, and white shorts. Though it gave the illusion of a bare midriff, Parton’s belly was elegantly covered by a bedazzled mesh. A crystal star adorned her belly button, and the tights she wore were sprinkled with more crystals.

Hits Galore: From “Jolene” to “We Are the Champions”

The halftime show kicked off with the timeless classic “Jolene,” showcasing Parton’s enduring vocal prowess. The crowd was then treated to another iconic hit, “9 to 5,” before the grand finale—a captivating cover of Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” The performance was a testament to Dolly Parton’s versatility and her ability to captivate audiences across genres.

Thanksgiving Partnership with The Salvation Army

Dolly Parton’s role as the Thanksgiving Day game halftime performer was announced a month prior, and she expressed her honor in partnering with The Salvation Army. In a press statement, she emphasized the significance of the Red Kettles as symbols of hope for those facing hard times. Encouraging generosity, she urged everyone to contribute and support their neighbors in need during the holiday season and beyond.

A Rockstar Album Release

Adding to the excitement, Parton recently dropped her latest album, “Rockstar,” on Nov. 17. The 30-track masterpiece features a blend of covers and original songs, with collaborations that read like a who’s who of music royalty. Artists like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Pink, Brandi Carlile, Melissa Etheridge, and Sting all join forces with Parton on this musical journey.

Duet with Miley Cyrus: A Wrecking Ball of Emotion

Before the album release, Parton teased fans with her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” a duet with her goddaughter. In an Instagram video, she shared her deep connection with the song, drawing parallels to the impact of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” The collaboration resonated with Cyrus, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to hear her aunt sing one of her songs.

A Heartfelt Collaboration

Miley Cyrus, in her Instagram post, acknowledged the collaboration, stating, “I’ve grown up covering my Aunt Dolly’s music & it’s an honor to hear her singing one of my songs.” The post exuded excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the sweetness and love embedded in the record. Cyrus affectionately signed off as “Forever your Doll Baby, Miley.”

Conclusion: A Thanksgiving to Remember

In conclusion, Dolly Parton’s Thanksgiving Day performance not only added a touch of glam to the traditional festivities but also showcased her enduring talent and commitment to charitable causes. The dazzling Cowboys cheerleader uniform, the medley of hits, and the star-studded album all contribute to a Thanksgiving to be remembered—a perfect blend of music, fashion, and philanthropy, courtesy of the one and only Dolly Parton.

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