Dominating the NFC West: McCaffrey, 49ers Overpower Seahawks on Thanksgiving Night

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, the San Francisco 49ers asserted their dominance over the Seattle Seahawks on Thanksgiving night at Lumen Field. The 31-13 victory showcased a stellar performance by running back Christian McCaffrey, who secured two rushing touchdowns during the game. Let’s delve into the key highlights that led to the 49ers’ overpowering win and their strategic outlook for the upcoming clash with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Focused Approach Amidst Tough Competition

As the 49ers embarked on a crucial three-game stretch, they wisely avoided the trap of looking past the Seahawks to the looming confrontation with the Eagles. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a one-game-at-a-time focus, the Niners redirected their attention to Thursday night, aiming to break free from their three-game losing streak.

Total Dominance: Breaking the Seattle Spell

The game can be aptly described in two words: Total dominance. This phrase not only encapsulates the Thanksgiving night victory but also characterizes the 49ers’ impressive ten-game winning streak within the NFC West. Significantly, they’ve secured four consecutive wins against the Seahawks, signaling a remarkable shift in the dynamics between the two teams.

Red Zone Efficiency: A Promising Trend

Since Week 7, the 49ers faced challenges in finishing drives in the red zone. However, this game marked a positive turning point as they scored touchdowns on each of their first three red zone trips. With a renewed emphasis on red zone efficiency, San Francisco showcased an improved offensive performance, setting the stage for future success.

McCaffrey’s Milestone: An Eye-Popping Stat

Christian McCaffrey’s outstanding performance not only contributed to the team’s victory but also set a franchise record. His 11th rushing touchdown of the season, an 8-yard beauty, established a new standard for rushing touchdowns in a single season for the 49ers. McCaffrey’s prowess extends beyond this game, as he leads the NFL with a total of 16 touchdowns this season.

Quarterback Duel: Purdy’s Impact

Despite not achieving his greatest statistical performance, quarterback Brock Purdy played a pivotal role in securing the division win. With a resilient spirit, Purdy rebounded from a mid-game interception to deliver a decisive 28-yard touchdown pass. His performance, though not flawless, was more than sufficient to ensure a crucial victory for the 49ers.

Seahawks’ Struggles: Same Result, New Year

Despite significant roster changes aimed at closing the gap with the 49ers, the Seahawks found themselves in a familiar position. The 6-5 record and a two-game deficit in the NFC West highlight the challenges they face in overcoming their division rivals. Quarterback Jaxon Smith-Njigba’s struggles mirrored those of the previous season, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the team’s offensive strategy.

Troubling Trends and Pivotal Plays

The Seahawks’ offense faces a concerning trend, enduring seven straight quarters without an offensive touchdown. Struggling on third down further compounds their challenges, ranking second-to-last in the NFL in that category. Pivotal plays, such as missed opportunities in the end zone, underscore the need for a strategic reassessment to revive the team’s offensive prowess.


In conclusion, the 49ers’ Thanksgiving night triumph solidifies their position as frontrunners in the NFC West. As they eagerly anticipate the NFC championship game rematch with the Eagles, the Niners demonstrate a combination of skill, resilience, and a renewed focus on key areas of improvement. Meanwhile, the Seahawks face the daunting task of regrouping to salvage their season amidst challenging matchups. The NFC West rivalry continues to evolve, and the 49ers are emerging as the team to beat.

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