Miss Nicaragua Wins 2023 Miss Universe Pageant: A Triumph Beyond Beauty

In a dazzling spectacle that unfolded in El Salvador’s vibrant capital, San Salvador, Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua claimed the coveted title of Miss Universe 2023. The grand event saw representatives from 84 countries, each vying for the prestigious crown in a competition judged by a distinguished panel, including renowned figures like model Halima Aden and “Queer Eye” star Carson Kressley.

The Stellar Lineup

The journey to Palacios’ triumph began with 84 national pageant winners converging on the global stage. Noteworthy personalities, such as TikTok influencer Avani Gregg and former Miss Universe winners Janelle Commissiong and Iris Mittenaere, lent their expertise to the judging panel. Anntonia Porsild of Thailand emerged as the first runner-up, adding to the international flavor of this remarkable event.

The Path to Glory

Preliminary Competition and Fan Vote

The anticipation reached its peak as twenty semi-finalists were unveiled at the commencement of the evening, determined by the results of the preliminary competition and a fervent global fan vote. This stage set the tone for a night of glamour, poise, and unwavering determination.

Swimsuit and Evening Gown Rounds

The competition intensified with the swimsuit round, narrowing down the field to the top 10. Notably, Miss Nepal, the first “curvy” contestant to reach the semi-finals, and Miss Pakistan, who boldly chose a burkini for the swimsuit round, made their mark. The evening gown segment further halved the contestants, leading to a captivating top five.

The Final Showdown

Hot Topic Q&As

The final rounds of hot-topic Q&As proved to be the crucible that determined the ultimate winner. From thought-provoking queries, Sheynnis Palacios, Anntonia Porsild, and Moraya Wilson of Australia emerged as the last contenders standing. Palacios, in response to a question about a day in someone else’s life, chose the 18th-century British philosopher and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, emphasizing breaking boundaries and opportunities for women.

The Culmination

In a moment of triumph, Sheynnis Palacios was crowned Miss Universe 2023. Her profound words echoed the spirit of empowerment: “There are no limitations for women today.” As she succeeds R’Bonney Gabriel of the USA, the legacy of Miss Universe continues to evolve, celebrating not only beauty but also intellect, resilience, and the breaking of societal barriers.


The 2023 Miss Universe pageant wasn’t just a celebration of beauty; it was a testament to the strength, intelligence, and grace that women embody. Sheynnis Palacios, with her eloquence and choice of a historical figure as inspiration, symbolizes a new era where beauty queens are not just symbols of glamour but advocates for change and empowerment. As the crown passes from one deserving queen to another, the essence of Miss Universe shines brighter than ever.


1. How is the Miss Universe winner determined?

The winner is chosen based on a combination of factors, including the results of the preliminary competition, a global fan vote, and the judges’ evaluations during the various rounds of the pageant.

2. Were there any notable moments in the competition?

Certainly! Miss Nepal made history as the first “curvy” contestant to reach the semi-finals, and Miss Pakistan made a bold statement by choosing a burkini for the swimsuit round.

3. Who were the judges for the Miss Universe 2023 pageant?

The judging panel included model Halima Aden, “Queer Eye” star Carson Kressley, TikTok influencer Avani Gregg, and former Miss Universe winners Janelle Commissiong and Iris Mittenaere.

4. What was the significance of Sheynnis Palacios’ choice of Mary Wollstonecraft?

Palacios chose the 18th-century British philosopher and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, highlighting her as a trailblazer who broke boundaries and provided opportunities for women. Palacios emphasized that there are no limitations for women today.

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