The Humbling of the USC football: Season Ends in Collapse Against UCLA

The USC football season that commenced with high hopes and national championship aspirations concluded in a disheartening defeat against the UCLA Bruins. The 38-20 loss not only marked a bitter end to the season but also raised questions about the future, particularly concerning star quarterback Caleb Williams.

A Rocky Start

Much like the previous season’s rivalry matchup, UCLA took an early 14-0 lead in the first quarter, leaving the Trojans struggling to advance beyond the 50-yard line. However, a pivotal play from junior quarterback Caleb Williams to Brendan Rice injected some life back into the USC crowd, scoring the Trojans’ first points.

Defensive Demons

Despite glimpses of resurgence, the USC defense faced challenges in the third quarter, allowing crucial plays that widened the deficit. A touchdown pass from UCLA’s Ethan Garbers to T.J. Harden and a fumble recovery by Jaylen Davies further extended the Bruin lead to 18 points, ultimately sealing USC’s fate.

High Expectations Shattered

The season began with high expectations, fueled by a Heisman-winning performance from Caleb Williams and key additions to the defensive lineup. However, a devastating loss to Notre Dame and subsequent setbacks against Utah and others shattered the dream of a triumphant return to the college football summit.

Coach Riley’s Reflection

Head coach Lincoln Riley, acknowledging the team’s disappointing second half, admitted shortcomings in preparing the offense. Reflecting on numerous close games, Riley acknowledged the emotional toll and emphasized the need for improved performance to avoid such situations.

The Caleb Williams Question

One of the season’s persistent uncertainties is the future of quarterback Caleb Williams. While praising Williams, Riley refrained from speculating about his continuation with the team, leaving fans in suspense.

Disappointing Defeats

The loss to UCLA marked the second blowout defeat of the season, following the earlier setback against Notre Dame. A series of losses against Utah, Washington, Oregon, and UCLA contributed to a 7-5 regular season finish, falling far short of the anticipated success.

Senior Day Emotions

The game also served as Senior Day, with center Justin Dedich among those playing their final game in a Trojans uniform. Despite the somber outcome, Dedich expressed gratitude for his six years with the program.

Looking Ahead

Despite the season’s disappointing conclusion, Riley remains optimistic about the program’s potential growth. Acknowledging the tough times, he emphasized the importance of unity among the program, fanbase, and university to navigate the challenges on the road to success.


As the regular season concludes, USC faces uncertainty about its next opponent and venue in the upcoming bowl season. Despite the setbacks, the Trojans remain determined to push through tough times for the promise of greater achievements on the horizon.


Q1: What led to USC’s downfall in the season?

A1: USC faced challenges with a series of defeats against strong opponents, including Notre Dame, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and UCLA. The team’s defense struggled, and close games took an emotional toll on the players.

Q2: What is the status of Caleb Williams for the next season?

A2: Coach Riley praised Caleb Williams but refrained from speculating on his future with the team. The quarterback’s status remains uncertain.

Q3: How did the season impact USC’s ranking and expectations?

A3: The season ended with a 7-5 record, falling short of the anticipated success. USC lost its ranked status and faced unexpected setbacks after a promising start.

Q4: What is Coach Riley’s outlook for the program?

A4: Despite the disappointments, Coach Riley remains optimistic about the program’s growth. He emphasizes the need for unity and perseverance during challenging times.

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